Friday, February 8, 2019


I have received several questions about the material on the fuzzy clogs pictured in a previous post. The material is a very soft shearling. These loafers are so comfy you can hardly feel them on. You can avoid sales tax if you purchase them in Minnesota where I bought them. Clothing including shoes is exempt from Minnesota sales tax. As you can imagine, we saved a bundle on them! Yay!

In other news we've been tackling one home improvement project (however small) each week since the start of January. This week's project has been repainting one of the parlors. We're saying goodbye to the blue and hello to the pink—a soft historical shade used in antique homes. The more I see it, the more I love it. This was an unexpected project that resulted from our frustrating search for drapery fabric. We're having pleated drapes made for our large bowed window. It was quite a challenge to find fabric in our budget because when you need 30 yards of it, it gets expensive fast. Turns out it was easier to repaint the room to match the one drapery fabric I liked than it was to find a drapery fabric that complemented the old blue paint.

Winnie adores all the plastic tarps that accompany a major paint job (I think he loves the sound of it). He even managed to find some comfort among the chaos.

Over my lunch hour, I've been making lots of goodies to give us energy while we work in the evening. Pictured here are herbal lemon bars made with organic lavender and lemon thyme plus Tom's favorite low-sugar pumpkin cookies.