Monday, April 23, 2018


Thanks to all who came out to our garage sale as part of our city's annual garage sales event this past Saturday. We couldn't believe how much traffic we had—well over 200 people. This gentleman was our first customer of the day and found all of these goodies. We ended up with a nice mix of antique and new wares. We think we even ended up finding a home for our grand old piano, which we advertised in the sale. Many people oohed and ahhed at the photos of it but only a few people expressed genuine interest. We will wait to say for sure that it's found a home until the person who agreed to give it a home actually comes to get it in a few weeks. I know the best laid plans can fall through and hope they won't in this case.

Although we fell $142 short of our goal to make $1,000, the sale was still well worth our effort since we were able to get rid of so much stuff. The hectic day ended on a high note. When we got back after grabbing a bite to eat (we were ravenous after the sale as we were so busy that we could not break for lunch), we found these lovely daffodils that our sweet neighbor left for us. She has a nice patch of these spring harbingers. It's random acts of kindness like this that reaffirm my faith that there are still good-hearted people out there. It's a wonderful reminder to spread kindness whenever you can. The very next day we had an opportunity to help a neighbor in need.