Thursday, September 21, 2017


Last weekend we enjoyed a fun stay in the Twin Cities visiting friends and taking a tour of backyard chicken coops organized by one of our favorite area shops, Eggplant Urban Farm Supply. The hosts and their chickens were most welcoming, and their landscapes were equally charming. One homeowner invited us to hold her chickens. I was happy to oblige but hubby was a little more tentative.

There were so many beautiful coops and chickens on the tour. 

As I was taking photos at this location, I noticed a feline friend had taken great interest in all the activity around her. 

Many of the chickens at the following stop won awards at the state fair.

We also managed to check out some cute shops we hadn't been to before, including the sweetest candy shop (3rd photo below) and crafty shop (first two photos below). I like how the crafty shop reinvented those large wooden spools that once corralled power cables into colorful displays for fabric. 

When I'm in the Twin Cities (usually twice a year), one thing I like to do is buy my clothes for the upcoming season because they don't have any sales tax on clothing. I found the most comfy tunic and leggings at Lolë. I'm short enough that I can actually wear the tunic as a dress but I think I will wear it with the leggings. I like this shop because they have classic activewear in nice neutrals like gray, black and taupe. I don't like anything flashy when it comes to activewear, and comfort is always at the top of my list. 

The pants have the coolest mesh detail. I don't know if this photo captures it well enough but here it is.

I also love the shop's slogan! It's an inspiring message for us all. 

My other favorite find was this vintage wool pillow cover that I found at an occasional vintage shop right in the heart of the city. I thought it would go perfectly with my pink sofa (pictured below) and it sure did. It didn't come with a pillow form but luckily, I had the right size one in my sewing room. Tom always gets a laugh from the fact that I can find practically whatever I need in this house—and the pillow form was no exception!

We finished the weekend off by treating ourselves to some of our favorite local Des Moines treats once we returned—Jewish potato and spinach pies and Mexican sweet bread dressed in my favorite hue, pink. Yum!

When we returned, we were delighted to find our garden was still flourishing. The butternut, delicata and acorn squash have been producing well and more should be ready to harvest soon.

I have so much zucchini this year that I decided to freeze some so I can enjoy zucchini fritters in the middle of winter. I wasn't aware that you could preserve zucchini but I got instructions on how to preserve it from the Iowa Extension Service. My food processor sure got a workout that day!