Friday, September 9, 2016


My zucchini plants are going bonkers! My husband just brought in 10 zukes for friends and coworkers this morning and I just noticed this afternoon that there was more to harvest. After setting aside four for myself, I have some to spare. For those of you friends and family who know where I live, please feel free to pick up any of the zucchini in the black hanging wall basket next to our back door. These are great for zucchini bread, zucchini fritters, stir fry, zucchini noodles (made with a spiralizer) or cut some into wedges, sprinkle with your preferred seasonings and parmesan cheese and bake them in the oven. Enjoy!


  1. LOL I think anyone that has a zucchini plant says that every year. Luckily my DH donates the majority of his garden harvest so I only get veggies when I ask for them now. Stuffed zucchini is always good and don't forget good ol zucchini carrot cake. ;)

    1. I have to tell you, I have NEVER been offered zucchini by anyone so it was strange to later find out later that people could hardly get rid of them. I have been offered lots of tomatoes and cucumbers. Too bad I do not like those!

  2. Mmmmm.. if I did live closer... I'd be over to grab a couple of zukes! It's all about the fritters! lol!


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