Thursday, September 1, 2016


I'm not sure where August went. It's hard to believe it's already September. My sewing room organization efforts got sidetracked until late August when I gathered up a car truckload of things for my quilt guild's annual sale, which takes just before their charity auction. I saved a few things back for my blog giveaways that I'm doing in celebration of getting organized. Next up for my blog giveaway will be a well-loved copy of The World of Wooden Bobbins and a little doll quilt top that appeared in a past issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. The goodies are in the below photo (kitty not included!). If you're interested in the giveaway, watch for it next week.

I celebrated a birthday in August. My husband spoiled me with two fun new additions to the kitchen. One was this aqua Keurig, which replaces the larger black one we had. It's a perfect match for the colors of my kitchen. By the way, if anyone needs a Keurig, we will sell our old Keurig Platinum for a good price!

I've been needing a new set of kitchen knives and spotted this beautiful set of pearlized handled ones a couple months ago. They are so much prettier than the typical black handles and they go perfectly in my buttercream yellow and aqua kitchen. I know it sounds silly to get excited about a set of knives but with the increased amount of cooking I've been doing as a result of needing to be on a low-sodium diet, I can honestly say that I use my knives a lot. As you know, a good set is a considerable investment. I just couldn't justify the price of them but my husband was able to negotiate a substantial discount from a local sales representative. So he decided to make it my birthday gift this year and I couldn't be more delighted. 

Speaking of low-sodium diets, the next two photos definitely do NOT illustrate that (although I do request that the restaurant hold the salt when I eat out) but we do have to treat ourselves once in awhile on special occasions, right? For my birthday dinner, the hubby took me to the new downtown Des Moines restaurant, Bubba's, which specializes in southern comfort food. Most of the menu sounded scrumptious and it was difficult to choose but I finally decided on the chicken fried steak since I have never eaten it before in my life. It is served on a small bed of white cheddar mashed potatoes and green beans. I ate every last morsel and as you can see in the below photo, the portion was quite generous! The chicken fried steak usually comes smothered in the gravy but I asked for it on the side so I could fine-tune it to my tastes.

I also tried a few bites of my husband's choice, a chicken crock pie. We'd definitely go back as the food, service and decor made for a quite an enjoyable experience. 

August also found us taking a free class on vinegars and oils at Vom Fass. It included a demonstration of two dishes, including this corn blueberry quinoa salad, that incorporate various oils and vinegars. We also received recipes for a blueberry mango fizz that uses blueberry balsamic vinegar and a black bean corn salsa that incorporates fig chili balsamic vinegar and garlic extra virgin olive oil. I would highly recommend their classes if you are in the area. 

I wish you all a happy Labor Day! I'm anxious for the weekend as I plan to venture over to Cedar Rapids to see my good friend Anne while she is visiting her family from a neighboring state.