Friday, June 3, 2016


Can it really be June already? Strawberry season is right around the corner here in the Midwest and everything's coming up berries in the house and garden. In the evenings, I've been making more wool strawberry make-dos for custom orders. It looks like my new kitty Figgy does not possess the fascination for wool that our previous kitty Teddy did so they are safe from curious kitty paws.

In the garden, my strawberry pot is putting on quite a show. I like the combination of chartreuse and pink!

The garden is off to a pretty good start this year. We re-edged the front beds and replaced all the much with a fresh layer.

We also planted a few patches of lettuce seeds from Renee's Garden as well as some zucchini plants. People are always so kind to give us tomatoes and cucumbers, which we really appreciate. We've never gotten any zucchini, which happens to be our favorite veggie, so we thought we'd try growing our own this year. Since I took the below photo, the lettuce has grown by leaps and bounds so I'm hoping I'll be able to harvest some soon!

In the kitchen, I've been experimenting with some recipes I've been wanting to try. My sister, who has to be on a gluten-free diet, is coming to visit this summer and I thought this cauliflower crust pizza might make a nice dinner while she's here. I was pleasantly surprised that the crust, made of only cauliflower, herbs, and 1/8 cup parmesan cheese, actually looked and acted like a crust! It was actually easier to make than the Jiffy pizza crust mix I usually use. Most recipes for cauliflower crust call for more cheese than I use but because I can only eat cheese in limited quantities, I used only a quarter of the amount called for in the particular recipe I used. 

I also made these all-natural, no-bake, flour-free and sugar-free brownies. They have been a great alternative to the sugary snacks my hubby likes to eat and he can eat these liberally! 

It's been a great spring for vintage clothes. I've already found a couple pretty yet inexpensive dresses. This 1960s one was in perfect condition and only $22! The only alteration required will be to take in the hip area but that should be an easy fix since I'm used to doing that with my non-existent hips.

I also found this pretty vintage pink belt for $6 to go with the dress. Talk about the perfect match!

Wishing you all a happy Friday and wonderful weekend!