Thursday, March 24, 2016


Not much exciting happening here at Ashton House today so I thought I'd share one of the pincushions in my collection. Dressed in bright blue and purple, this little owl makes quite a statement on my pincushion shelf. I know his colors are pretty wacky but he was made in the 1960s, after all.

Turn him around and you realize he's also a handy tape measure. Curious to know if any of you who lived through the 1960s might have remembered a pincushion like this? Seems like a lot of these novelty examples were made in Japan. They certainly had a knack for quirky designs!

In other sewing-related news, I spent Sunday afternoon at The Quilt Block for our monthly Kim Diehl Simple Whatnots quilt club and got inspired by this show-and-tell quilt from one of the members. Don't you love the colors she used? I should have asked for the name of the pattern!

Back at home, we're still busy preparing for new carpet this spring. We have all the old carpet torn up and hope to get either carpet or hardwood installed by May. We're still checking out other carpet options like this beauty, which unfortunately turned out to be out of our budget. Figgy liked it, too!

We soothed our dampened spirits with some homemade sour cream peach pie. My mom has been making this quick and easy pie for years. It's a little lighter than traditional peach pie because it doesn't have the top crust. Instead, the top is layered with a creamy mixture of sour cream, flour, and other goodness. Luckily, it doesn't use very much flour and I substituted the regular white flour with whole-wheat flour, which my friend Anne says has more fiber. It makes the topping darker, so it's not quite as pretty. I also halved the amount of sugar and used lite sour cream and canned peaches packed in water versus syrup. The topping is then sprinkled with a hearty helping of cinnamon. The verdict? My husband could not tell any difference taste wise. He liked it so much that only three pieces of the original eight remained in the pan this morning!