Thursday, December 31, 2015


It hardly seems possible that 2015 will soon be a memory. Before it does, I wanted to wish all of you who visit my blog a very happy 2016! A special thank you to all who take the time to write me notes and leave comments. I started this blog as an occasional online journal of sorts to record the mundane details of my life for future reference but it's nice to know that I do get an occasional visitor!

I don't usually like to go out for New Year's Eve but this year, my husband wanted to check out Noce, the new jazz club and cabaret opening on New Year's Eve. The Des Moines Big Band as well as some other artists will be playing some classics. We plan to head over there after enjoying a dinner at one of our favorite downtown Des Moines restaurants. While we were in Minneapolis this fall, a nice lady at Nordstrom helped me pick out a pretty ensemble (below) to wear for the occasion. It's a lovely white-and-black short-sleeve dress that she suggested I pair with a black shrug for winter. She also suggested the silver/pewter heels and a blush pink purse. Now I can't decide whether to go with the pink purse or the cute cat one (pictured below). I know next to nothing about fashion, so feel free to give me your opinion if you read this before 6:00 p.m.! 

Like all years, 2015 was filled with ups and downs but I wanted to quickly share a few happy memories before I have to get ready for our New Year's celebration. After local weather forecasts repeatedly said that we would not have a white Christmas, we awoke to this on Christmas morning just before we left to celebrate the holidays at home with family. I guess there really are Christmas miracles!

I received this early Christmas gift from my husband. I love its Flower Power theme and am going to love riding it around come spring. I did manage to squeeze a few rides in before winter.

We were thankful to get to host our 13th annual Thanksgiving dinner for family. As usual, hubby did the honors of carving the turkey.

For three years, we've been blessed to have the Yang family come over and make egg rolls in early December. They make the most delicious ones and I've always wanted to learn how to make them on my own (they are a bit complicated!). This time I think I paid enough attention to actually make these on my own. Their daughter Catherine (below right) helped me (below left) mix up the ingredients.

Their daughter Isabella (below left) taught us how to roll them up! Here is a photo of me with her trying to figure it out. 

Their mom Sandy fried them up for us. We promptly devoured as many as our bellies could accommodate.

I hope this New Year's eve finds you safe, warm, and happy. I look forward to chatting with you again in the new year.