Tuesday, September 22, 2015


On Sunday afternoon while working at my computer, I heard some loud clunking noises on my back porch. I looked out the window to see two happy dogs there. I was going to go outside to investigate when I noticed the black one had already moved on to my arbor garden. I caught this pic of him or her from my window.

I was not able to get a photo of his or her friend, a three-legged yellow dog wearing a bandana. The fact he had only three legs did not seem to hamper him in the least. About 30 minutes later, I looked outside the window and saw this...

Apparently, a trio of yellow kittens has taken up residence in our dog kennel, which runs the width and length of our garage. Unfortunately, they are scared of humans so you can't get close to them—hence this very bad photo where I tried to zoom in on him! Speaking of shy kitties, my hubby and I recently visited the local Furry Friends Refuge, a no-kill shelter here in Des Moines. While there, we met Indigo, a very shy black female (see below). The helper on duty said she is less likely to be adopted because she is so shy. While initially timid, once you start petting her, she is very affectionate. So we decided to sponsor her, which means she can adopted for free. If you are looking for a sweet kitty and don't have small children in the house, please consider Indigo. She is at the 1723 Grand location listed in the below pic. We would have adopted her but our vet has advised us to get a kitten since our remaining cat Poe is geriatric. You can read more about her at this weblink by looking for Indigo: http://furryfriendsrefuge.org/cats/

Since I last posted, we've completed painting the library! We are loving the new warm mustard hue that picks up the color of the lady's chair, which sits in that room. Click on that link if you wish to see the chair. Now here's an interesting sidenote about paint and this house. Choosing paint colors always came quite easy to me in our previous house in the Beaverdale area of Des Moines. The colors were as you would expect them to be, but because this house has so much natural light, colors are often not what they seem. As a result, nearly every room has taken an average of three paint tries to get right! The only exceptions are the kitchen and the front parlor, both of which are shades of blue. I thought the library would be easier since it's a back room that doesn't get as much light but alas, I was wrong. Suffice it to say that we've learned $3 paint samples are the way to go in these rooms so we don't end up spending a small fortune in paint!

The new wall color is a welcome change from the dilapidated old wallpaper that once cloaked the room in darkness (see previous post for a shot of that). The wall art pops much more, including my framed Victorian wool art and collection of vintage toy pianos (below). I think they say three of anything makes a collection, right? Or is it two? I actually have more than just these three. 

Our next step will be finding a suitable carpet for the room and the adjoining two rooms—a goal we hope to complete by this coming spring. We found good hardwood flooring under the carpet in the TV room, so we want to leave that room uncarpeted. Unfortunately, I don't think the flooring in the other three rooms fared as well and my husband suspects it is bad.