Monday, August 24, 2015


I am one of the few people who likes rainy days—as long as they don't carry the threat of severe storms and tornadoes! Thought I should add that caveat. A soggy late Saturday afternoon and evening gave me a chance to bring out my vintage umbrella while running some errands. Like a lot of things, they just don't make them like they used to! This is one of my three vintage umbrellas circa 1960. It's a pagoda-style umbrella and has the prettiest gray and pink flowers on it. I also have a pretty pink vintage umbrella that I will have to show you sometime.

Rainy days are perfect for baking, and I took advantage of it by baking a cake in the vintage cake pan I found at the flea market that we went to earlier this month. Here is a photo of the pan with the cake. I'm not usually one for buying vintage pans but I was drawn to the heart design on the top of this one, plus the pan itself was a nice size. At just shy of 7 inches in diameter, it's small but that's perfect for our little household. I think it will be a pretty little pan to use for future cakes for teas. 

Speaking of cakes, I found the prettiest cake (gateau) recipe from marie chioca's website (below is a photo from the website where I found it—this is NOT a cake that I made), but it was in French! Luckily, I knew just the person to translate—my sister who is fluent in French and worked at a French-speaking elementary school. She translated it for me and I can hardly wait to try it! She found out it is actually gluten-free, so she plans to try it herself.

Saturday evening found us indulging in a favorite summer treat—freshly-picked sweet corn grown just outside our little town. Its flavor can't be beat. Since I can't have much margarine due to my kidney condition, I flavor mine with some creamy whole-grain mustard as shown below or I just eat it plain. Either way tastes good to me! 


  1. What a lovely umbrella, Kimber. Who would have thought you could still be using one that was around 50 years old! That cake looks yummy.

  2. Thanks for your note, Christine! It is amazing how so many things have stood the test of time. I guess it was well loved.


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