Saturday, February 14, 2015


I'm trying the auto-post feature of blogger and hope this post pops up Saturday afternoon! We will see! Several years ago, we found these vintage valentines in the attic of our 1885 Victorian, and it seemed appropriate to share them with you today as we celebrate Valentine's Day. They just don't make them like they used to!

To celebrate this special day, I surprised my hubby with these sugarless mini chocolate cookies made with unsweetened 100 percent pure cocoa and natural stevia in place of sugar. As I mentioned earlier, he is pre-diabetic and I'm trying to find ways to indulge his sweet tooth without raising his risk of diabetes. I even purchased a cookbook on using natural sweeteners in baking--I know that many artificial sugar substitutes like Splenda or ones containing aspartame, sucralose, etc. are harmful to your health. I served the cookies on my vintage shell pink leaf plate.

I found the sweetest little mini mint chocolate chips at my local baking shop and sprinkled some of those on top to give the cookies a hint of sweetness. Mini chips are certainly a nice alternative to the regular sized chips. These little mint green chips are sprinkled with brown spots—such a delightful color combo!

I have a wish list on my Pinterest page and if I'm lucky, my hubby occasionally surprises me with one of the items on it. Here is one such gift that my hubby surprised me with this morning—a new Marc Jacobs quilted pink iPad case! I love that it has a strap, which will make it more likely that I'll take it with me while on the go. It goes perfectly with my new pink plaid wool coat, which is pictured with it. 

Tonight the hubby will take me to my favorite downtown Des Moines restaurant for a special Valentine's dinner. I bought the pink heart dress (featured in my previous post) just for this occasion and plan to surprise the hubby with it this evening. Hopefully he will like it! Hope you all have a very sweet Valentine's Day!