Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Can it be that time of year already to wish you a merry Christmas?! As usual, I'm scrambling to get things done right up until the last minute. I didn't even get my holiday cards sent out in time. I might just have to start a tradition of sending them out AFTER the holidays.

We won't get our wish for a white Christmas this year but here's a past snowy snapshot of our home to satisfy our dreams for a white Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas with my hubby's parents last night. They took us out to eat at our favorite seafood restaurant where we feasted on coconut shrimp and grilled halibut. Afterward, we went back to their house to open presents. Here I am trying to unwrap one. For some reason, it takes me twice as long to open gifts as everyone else.


Ever since my mom-in-law went to Germany several years ago and brought back handcrafted wooden smokers (wooden figurines similar in style to nutcrackers), we've had a tradition of gifting them a smoker. Here is dad admiring this year's chef smoker.

We gave mom a vintage classroom songbook for her piano. Here she is flipping through the pages. We had a good laugh listening to some of the funny lyrics from the songs.

And here are a few favorite holiday gifts I received this year. I've always purchased Rowenta irons and have been very happy with their performance but when this pink Oliso iron came out for Breast Cancer Awareness month, it went on my wish list! Lucky for me, a kind elf got it for me.

I fell in love with this mirrored headband of posies and leaves the moment I saw it. Hubby was kind enough to get it for me. 

And last but not least, I received this fun pair of English wellies. One can never have too many wellies in my opinion. And here's a quick little side note about boots: If you wear size 5 or 6 shoes, did you know that you can often get the same patterned boots in the kids section for a cheaper price? That's what I've often done with boots like Joules and UGGs. If you wear a size 6 adult shoe, you can get a kids size 4 (The boots shown in the photo below are a Joules kids size 4. They are very comfortable with room to spare in the foot area).

With that, I will bid you adieu until after Christmas. All of us at Ashton House wish you and your family the merriest of Christmases!