Friday, October 3, 2014


Is there a color that never fails to make you smile? For me, that has always been pink. I realized I had enough pink photos to warrant a post, so here goes! I found the prettiest pink vintage Singer Featherweight at the AQS quilt show here in Des Moines on Wednesday. I was not intending to come home with a sewing machine, let alone a pink one. I usually shy away from larger ticket items like this but this lovely 1939 Featherweight spoke to me and it didn't take me long to whip out my checkbook and get her. I decided to name her Penelope and I plan to do some of my piecing on her. I currently do some of my piecing on Fanny, my 1936 black Featherweight.

The vendor had even painted Penelope's original Bakelite pedal pink. In my photos, the colors of the pedal and machine are not matching but in reality they do.

On the same day I went to the show, I got a call from a local department store that the pink handbag I ordered was in! So it turned out to be a very pink day! I don't think my camera captured the color of the bag quite right so I've included a photo of it from the manufacturer's website below it. Yes, it's rubber but I absolutely love it. It seemed to get a lot of attention from others while I was out, and some ladies even stopped to ask me about it. I'm sure they thought it was silly but you know what, I love being different! 

I collect vintage pink booklets of all sorts and a few weeks ago, I found a couple to add to my collection while antiquing with my friend, Cinda. Don't these look fun?

Here are the rest of my finds from that fun day of antiquing. I loved the aqua trim color of the vintage antique double boiler, which was on sale for a mere $7! The Little Golden book reminded me of my childhood days, and I thought the harvest colors of the vintage tin rooster trays would make a cute display in my child's cupboard where I usually keep my vintage tin pink and gray tea set.

I also found these adorable mini pink playing cards with a sweet homey scene on the back of them. The photos show them much darker than they really are. They are a pleasing pink!

I was gifted several fun pink things from friends and family for my birthday this year. My friend Cinda knows I love Dean and Deluca and gave me this fun assortment of pink (plus blue, amber, and green) goodies from their store.

Anne showered me with lots of pink goodness in the form of these beautiful vintage English candy tins as well as few fun books to curl up with in my chaise longue this fall. 

Mary, a fellow pink lover, gave me this sweet assortment of pink and owl goodies. I plan to display the little owl rock (in the bottom right) to my rock garden next spring. The other owl items are sprinkled throughout my autumn decor.

My multi-talented friend, Belinda, has designed a cool stitching wallet and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one! Below are photos of it open and closed. I love its many pockets, which are perfect for storing all your stitching necessities. And how can an owl lover like me not adore its owl ribbon embellishments and the owl sewing labels that Belinda included?! If you'd like to order one, check out her shop at this link. She plans to start offering them soon. 

At home, my precious pink African violet trailer is blooming up a storm, bringing beauty to my kitchen where I keep a good share of my violets. Trailers like these have multiple crowns, creating a lusher look than typical African violets. 

Tomorrow I'm off to the last flea market of the season and then there will be a long dry spell during the winter months. It's just as well as I'm getting in nesting mode where I like to stay put for awhile—but not too long or I get cabin fever! 


  1. Oh what fun! Your pink post thrilled me. That pink featherweight made me grin.

  2. I am so in love with Penelope!! I too am a pinkaholic, so the sewing machine would have been a huge draw for me as well. Enjoy her.

  3. Aww so much fun :)
    Made me smile :)
    Hugs x

  4. I LOVE YOUR PINK SEWING MACHINE! It made me smile too!

  5. A pink sewing machine...swoon! A girl after my own heart! I love pink too.

  6. Oh my goodness, Kimber - I am in love with your pink FW too! You're one lucky duck. I recently bought an old Singer and named her "Penny" because I got her for pennies . . . . Love all your other pink things too.

  7. Hi Kimber,
    Love all the pink, especially the FW! A girl can't have too much pink or too many sewing machines in her life. The mini cards were sweet, too.

  8. I did leave a comment on this post, but something went wrong........? hopefully this time it'll get love pink Penelope, she is surely a beauty and I've no doubt you'll get many satisfying sewing hours with her...also love your African violets, and so many flowers too, any tips for getting flowers, I've had two African violets in my kitchen for nearly two years and no flowers at all, and....I give them Violet stuff to put in their water, it's so disappointing.....

  9. I adore your Pink Featherweight,what a great find. I would love to have my painted that exact shade can you tell me what that color is,paint brand? I've Googled away with no luck. Just stumbled on your Blog and love it all.I also have a copy of Primitive Quilts sitting right beside me. Thank you much happy pink thoughts


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