Monday, September 15, 2014


It's about that time of year when I start decorating the house for fall and Halloween, and this year, I have a special painting to add to my display of seasonal splendor. My dear hubby gifted me this sweet portrait of our cats for my birthday. It's by the same artist (Sara Pulver) who painted this earlier portrait of them. I was really touched by how he included our kitty, Teddy, who passed away this April, as an angel. He's holding the hand of our remaining kitty, Poe. Until I can find a fitting frame for it, I have it displayed on the marble mantel in our front parlor where I can see and enjoy it every day.

You might notice from the previous photo that I like to decorate with old books. To me, these beauties are as much objects of art as much as good reads. They add a cozy feeling to any display. I have found most of mine for $2 or less.

I found this little beauty at a tag sale this weekend. It was only $1. In an earlier post, I'd mentioned that the color gray was growing on me. I used to not like it all but something has changed. I especially like it when paired with yellow as on this book cover.

Do any of you like decorating with books, too? If so, how do you incorporate them into your decor? Would love to hear what you do with them. Even new books can be pretty. As a magazine editor and writer who works on a variety of subjects, I receive new books from publishers. Earlier this year, I was sent this beautiful pink book. Naturally, the pink cover had me intrigued! Nutritious food really is good medicine. I have noticed since I've been eating more fish that my skin and hair have improved remarkably. Best yet, I can eat more, not less, and feel better. I have always had a healthy appetite for savory, non-sweet food. 

My favorite fish are halibut, wild pacific cod (Atlantic cod is endangered), wild pacific (non farm-raised) salmon, and of course, the wonderful local bluegill that my father in law catches for us. We enjoyed a feast of it this past Saturday. I typically fix about 30 pieces, half for my hubby and half for me! 

With fall just around the corner, it was time to start eating some comfort food on Sunday. This slow-cooked boneless pork chop with roasted garlic mushroom sauce certainly fit the bill. We relaxed the rest of the night by watching the Ken Burns Roosevelt documentary on PBS.