Saturday, September 13, 2014


A funny thing happened on the way home from our evening walk tonight. This furry fellow ran toward us and followed us all the way home. We were so tempted to give him a home. After losing our sweet black kitty, Teddy, this past April, we are just now open to finding a furry friend to join our family—if the opportunity presents itself. It would practically have to smack us in the face. We always thought Teddy would send us sign when the time was right to welcome a new kitten or cat into the family. I think our remaining cat Poe would like a new friend as he sometimes seem lonely. The only thing is this cute kitty seemed way too friendly not to already have a home, even though he had no collar or identification, and we'd hate to take him in if he already has one. So we sadly bid him a good night and left a little bowl of food out for him in case he gets hungry.