Monday, February 10, 2014


Blame the lack of blogging last week on kidney stones! One of the remaining three in my kidneys decided to make an appearance last Tuesday. For some reason, mine are always huge! This one was 3/8" wide, not as big as the previous one I blogged about a couple years ago but big enough to cause a bit of pain when it actually came out. Ouch! Now that it's passed, I can move on to more important matters—like sharing news about my latest quilt book editing project! Many of you quilters may already be familiar with Tara Lynn Darr's first book on small scrap quilting, Simply Charming. Well, guess what?! She's back with a fresh collection of little scrappy quilts to help you whittle down your fabric stashes! Here's a peek at the book cover.

Like the blocks in her previous book's projects, most of the ones featured in this follow-up title require only 5" charm squares. From simple quilts featuring only rectangles and squares to star-studded charmers, there is a project for every skill level in this scrappy medley of 15 small quilts reminiscent of days gone by. As a fellow small scrap quilt lover, I was overjoyed to get to work on this fun book with Tara, and it hard to believe our book-producing journey is nearly at an end. Small Treasures from Scraps will be out in April, and I'll be blogging more about it then. We're in the final stages of proofing the book this week. I can't wait to share more with you when I can. In the meantime, save a few of your scraps for these marvelous little quilts!