Thursday, January 30, 2014


Over lunch today I was cleaning out my photo files and came across this pic from the past that shows a couple of the papier mache dolls I made and one of the Jo's Little Women quilts I made several years ago. I almost had the quilt finished except for the quilting! If you look closely, you can see safety pins in it. It's inspired me to go back and try to finish it. We'll see if I'm successful. It was fun to see the photo of the dolls again, too. The little doll has long since sold and moved on to her new home. I decided to keep the bigger doll who is named Augusta after my mom's paternal grandmother.

In my previous post, I mentioned trying to carve out more time for fun things like getting together with friends. Well, last Friday I got together with my friends, Anne and MJ. Anne had invited us to her home for lunch where we enjoyed a wonderful buffet of baked fish, quinoa cups, veggies, and goat cheese—among many other goodies. Anne is a very talented cook who's won many a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair, so you know you're going to get a good meal when you go to her house! I especially loved her quinoa cups (pictured below alongside my baked breaded bluegill—yes, she was kind enough to let me take some home to enjoy and so I did with my bluegill feast over the weekend). I can't wait to try to make these quinoa cups myself!

For dessert, we were treated to Anne's homemade carrot cupcakes (pictured below). Anne has a knack for making recipes healthier WITHOUT sacrificing flavor. She does so by reducing the sugar and replacing things like it and vegetable oil with more healthful alternatives (She was kind enough to give me some pointers on that that I can hopefully apply to some of my own recipes), and her delicious carrot cupcakes are one such example. They were incredibly good! It was guilt-free eating with these delights, which have fewer calories than the typical carrot cupcakes.

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say hello! And now I must get back to work editing the Summer 2014 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine! Plus, we have company coming for dinner. Have a good evening, everybody!


  1. YUM! It sounds like a fun day! I love both of your dolls.

  2. Your dolls are a delight. We would love to see you share your recipes! The cupcakes look wonderful as does the plate.

  3. What a great lunch - and even better that you were able to spend time with friends! Love your dolls and your little quilt - so cute!

  4. Wow that looks like a great meal .... Gotta try those quinoa cups !

  5. I love the colours used in the little quilt and the dolls. The food looks yummy and I am all for reducing the calorie content being someone who only has to look at a calorie for it to jump on me.


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