Monday, December 16, 2013


Back in 2011, I posted about Tabitha the treadle, a beautiful antique New Home treadle sewing machine I received as an anniversary gift. Well, Tabitha is back in the spotlight today on the Janome website. A couple months ago, Janome contacted me, asking if I would be willing to share Tabitha's photo and story on their blog as part of their spotlight on heritage sewing machines (Janome merged with New Home back in 1960). If you're interested in checking out the post, just click on this link.

Can you believe Christmas is nearly here? It seems like just yesterday it was so far away. With work deadlines piling up, I find myself far behind on the usual holiday activities like baking and Christmas card writing. I did take a little break from work this afternoon to make peanut clusters for my husband's work team. Those of you who are regular blog readers probably know that I prefer softer clusters that won't break your teeth. I'm also a bit odd in that I like fewer peanuts than normal in my clusters. Many years ago, I got a great recipe that makes soft, creamy clusters from a family friend. We've been making them ever since!