Thursday, December 5, 2013


I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. I again hosted the annual gathering at my house. We were blessed to have Grandma join us once again! She made homemade rolls for our dinner and afterward, made sandwiches with them and the leftover turkey. She very much believes in keeping her hands busy! As a thank you for the rolls, I sent her home with a few new African violet babies, which she gladly accepted.

My mom usually makes the cranberry relish, which I've pictured on my blog before (see an old photo of it below). We always serve it  in my Martha Stewart green milk glass turkey dish. This year, Mom wasn't able to make it since she was busy taking care of my dad, who recently had surgery and is back in the hospital, following a second surgery in less than a month. So my mother-in-law graciously took over the relish-making duties and did a wonderful job I might add! It's one of my favorite foods. If I were to have a last dinner, it would consist of this, freshly-baked fish, and morel mushrooms! 

This Thanksgiving I received a surprise special gift from my mother-in-law's sister, Aunt Vonnie, of all people. She made this felt advent calendar for us. She enclosed a nice note telling me that she's enjoyed making these calendars for several years. 

As you can see, a lot of time and love went into making each and every one of the little ornaments. I was tickled to receive such a thoughtful gift. What could be more heartfelt than a handmade gift? 

I can't believe another week is nearly at an end. This week, I've been writing another Quilt Sampler article, editing a new KC Star quilt book, and working hard on the spring 2014 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazineThe spring issue is always due out just before Christmas, so it makes an already busy holiday season even busier! As usual, we have an awesome mix of projects for our dear readers—quilts, of course, plus hooked rugs, pillows, a pincushion, two punchneedle projects, and some of my wool portraits! Well, it's about dinner time here as I wrap up writing this post, so I'm off to get a salmon patty dinner ready for the hubby and me. Have a good evening! I plan to catch the live TV performance of The Sound of Music tonight.


  1. Best wishes for the Holiday Season! Lovely photos and post about your Thanksgiving!

  2. The advent calendar is a vintage Bucilla kit & was very popular. It lists on ebay for around $200.00, if someone finds one!! Just thought you might like the info about your wonderful gift---homemade is always the best in my book. Hope your Dad is not in pain & getting good care at the hospital--hard time of the year to be there

  3. I can't believe my eyes...I made that very advent calendar almost 40 yrs ago. It hangs in our house every December. No idea about the price now. Wow!

  4. I too LOVE homemade cranberry sauce, I am the only one who eats it besides my dad, so if I make it for us and my dad doesn't come, I eat the whole batch in the week following Thanksgiving. I am glad your grandma was at your house, both my grandmothers are gone. Sounds like you are BUSY! Love your advent calendar, what a work of love.

  5. Hi Kimber,
    Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful. Your house looks absolutely lovely, as I was sure it would! Love the small quilt you made - don't know how you worked that into your schedule. The antique quilt was a huge steal at $60. Lucky girl. A quick guess at its age would be 1880's. Look out for fading on the purple (keep it out of the sun and don't wash it) as it is probably fugitive. That's all just a guess, though. Always a joy to see what you are up to.


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