Sunday, October 6, 2013


I almost came home with a kitten this weekend! My husband and I were returning home from visiting my parents and going to flea market late Saturday afternoon when we stopped by the local garden center. We noticed the most adorable tiny black kitten (only about 8 inches tall) sitting on the counter, nestled among two other furry friends.

She had the sweetest temperament. It seemed like all the customers were just falling in love with her, as you can see in the photo below.

After all the attention she was getting, she was ready for a little cat nap. Knowing that the garden center often had litters of kittens who sometimes needed new homes, I asked the owner if they would consider giving this little girl a new home, and she said they would. So I told her I would go home and think it over a little. It was hard to leave without her. My only hesitation is that I already have two black cats, one being elderly, and I'm just not sure if this is the right time to introduce another furry friend into the family. As an adult, I've never had a female cat. We've always gotten boy cats since we'd heard they have such wonderful purrsonalities. We've been very happy with our boy cats. This little girl just melted my heart. If we didn't already have two kitties, I know she would have come home with us yesterday. I guess I will have to pray that I will make the right decision about whether to get her or not. 

I'm so glad we stopped by the garden center! While there, we noticed they'd gotten new fairy garden furniture and accents in! If you read my blog regularly, you might recall that my mom-in-law and I had taken a fairy garden class there earlier this year. Isn't this the cutest display? Since I have seem to have a pretty good radar for anything owl, I immediately noticed the cute feathered friends in the upper left of the photo below.

Now how could an owl lover like me resist getting a couple of these guys? Had to get the hedgehogs, too.

It was so hard to decide what to get but I finally decided on the fanciful gazebo, two chairs, a table, a little bridge, two owls, the hedgehogs, two matching blue pots, and two little pink mushrooms.

You can see what the little mushrooms look like when they're properly inserted into the fairy gardens in the photo below.

One of the things I really liked about the new furniture was its wonderful blue color—and the fact the gazebo even had a chandelier hanging from it!

Despite the rainy forecast, we decided to head over to the flea market bright and early Saturday morning as it was the last one of the season. We didn't find much there but did go home with a few treasures, including some metal planters of succulents. The dealers were in the mood to negotiate on prices, and my hubby was able to get a much lower price than the tag on this diverse planting in a vintage baking pan.

Speaking of fun plants, I saw the neatest plant while on a day trip Friday with my friend Merry. They looked like miniature pumpkins! I thought they were perhaps a tomato variety that just looked like mini pumpkins but it turns it out it was neither pumpkins nor tomatoes but an eggplant variety. Since they were only $5 a plant, I decided to get one and harvest the "mini pumpkins" for my autumn decor.

Merry and I both like to look at antiques so we spent most of our time perusing shelves of vintage wares and other fun items like this old sampler. The photo below shows a small portion of it.

This fun vintage print was on the back of a vintage quilt that I bought. How fitting that it shows a lady playing a piano—one of my favorite pastimes.

Saw these cute vintage towels embroidered in a fun owl design but didn't get them.

By the end of the day, Merry and I both found a treasure or two to bring home. I also found a Victorian autograph album, a few green buttons, and a vintage mottled pink-and-green Unde washer (below). Merry actually spotted the latter. I'd never heard of such a thing as an underwear washer but I decided to get it the price was right and it was in my favorite colors—green and pink (the photos don't show the true colors the best but the handle is pale shell pink and the rubber portion is also a lovely shade of pink combined with a leaf green). Plus, this unusual find will make a fun accessory for my laundry room, which is decorated in a 1930s vintage style. At first, its design resembled a toilet plunger to me but it's much smaller and shorter than that with a totally different design on the underside of the base.


Here's a vintage advertisement for an Unde washer. Evidently, they were used back in the 1930s. If you know anything about them, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email or leave a comment!