Wednesday, October 23, 2013


While searching an antiques shop with my friend Merry, I found this vintage sewing machine painted a lovely soft blue. It came across as gray in my photo but it's actually blue. I put in an offer for it at the counter and decided if the dealer was willing to meet me halfway, I would buy it.

And here's the best part about the machine—It has a local connection! The label on it says "Younker's De Luxe". Well, Younker's happens to be a local department store here in the Des Moines area. That's what sealed my decision to put an offer on the machine.

In search of more information about the machine, I took it to my local Prairie Women's Sewing Circle group to see if any of the ladies might know anything about when it might have been made or even remember seeing it in the store. In the process, I discovered Younker's once had a fabric department (who knew?!) and that they did sell their own brand of machines. One of the ladies remembered seeing sewing machines there and estimated that this machine was made in the 1950s or 1960s. I wasn't able to find much about it on the internet but did run across one source that said the machines were made in the 1970s, though this machine doesn't scream 70s to me. If any of you know anything about these machines, would you please, please, please leave me a comment or email me by clicking the email button under my profile picture? I would LOVE to find out anything about the history of my machine. Wouldn't it be neat to see a photo of what the machines looked like in the store? We tested mine out at the shop and it appeared to run well. Plus, it came with its original manual, although ironically, it didn't include a copyright to give me any hint of when it was made. My other fun finds of the day were these vintage wooden bobbins. The price was right at just $1.25 each (the really big one, which is 8" tall, was $2). They'll make great bases for my handmade pincushions!