Tuesday, October 1, 2013


In this final installment of the Quilted House Tour posts, I wanted to share a few more captivating scenes from Sally and Tom's beautiful Victorian home. I loved how quilts were displayed in every room, including the bathrooms. In the master bath, a striking strippy Flying Geese quilt took center stage.

Their vintage bathroom sink reminded me of one in the first home we lived in. Like Sally, we finished ours with a skirt. For ours, we did so to conceal cleaning supplies. Storage is always at a premium in old homes!

In an upstairs bathroom, this small redwork quilt evoked yesterday's charm.

A cozy feeling emanated from this bedroom enveloped in book-filled shelves. 

One of my favorite rooms was this cheerful sunroom partially lined in brick walls just off the kitchen. It overlooked the outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful pastoral view of the property.

Above the sofa, redwork panels were cleverly displayed in old window panes.

The house abounded with other fun decorating ideas like this old door frame outfitted with chicken wire that displayed vintage photos.

In the master bedroom, the hand-wrought charm of vintage linens enlightened an old wooden ladder.

I loved how Sally decorated her kitchen—right down to small details like these wooden totes filled with cooking staples and fresh produce.

Before I close the Quilted House tour, I wanted to share Tom's dream woodworking shop nestled in a renovated dairy barn on the property.

For the tour, the barn door greeted visitors with this delightful sheep quilt.

Outfitted with tons of amazingly crafted storage, the interior was truly a woodworker's dream! This is just one corner of the shop.

As you can see, the Quilted House Tour was the ultimate treat for this quilter. As we drove back down the winding gravel road past quilts hung on the fence, my husband and I marveled at the wonderful job that Becky and Lori had done in orchestrating this event as well as the spectacular location they selected for it. If you want to attend one of Eagle Creek Quilt Shop's future Quilted House Tours, held every September, be sure to keep an eye on their website for details. To avoid disappointment, it's always good to make your reservations early as the slots get filled up quickly. The response to this particular tour was so great that they couldn't accommodate all the requests. Thanks to Sally and Tom for their permission in sharing my photos of their home on my blog. Thanks also go to Becky and Lori. Most of the quilts featured in the home tour are from patterns that are carried in their shop.