Saturday, October 12, 2013


With this summer's unseasonably hot temperatures and devastating drought, I was especially eager to greet fall this year. The only thing I'll miss about summer is all the wonderful fresh fish that my husband and I were able to enjoy, compliments of friends and family. My father-in-law is an avid fisherman who often catches 30 bluegill during a single fishing trip and occasionally a catfish or large-mouth bass. We are also blessed to enjoy fresh fish from one of my husband's coworkers, who caught some wonderful walleye during a trip to Canada. We had the last of it this evening. Instead of frying it like we usually do, I breaded it lightly, baked it, and served it with some plain quinoa (pictured in the last photo of this post) cooked in low-sodium chicken broth and broccoli.

Besides being a delicious treat, fresh fish has had another positive impact on my life. A recent trip to my doctor revealed that I've been able to lower my cholesterol 40 points from borderline high to well within ideal range in just three months—with NO medication of any kind and no other dietary changes or any exercise! The only change I made was adding fresh fish to my diet two times a week as much as possible—we don't always have it that often. My husband and his dad are planning a fishing trip up north this winter and hope to catch walleye, perch, and pike. I can't wait to see what they bring home! Fresh fish in the middle of winter would be a real treat.