Monday, September 30, 2013


Since we moved into our 1885 Victorian almost 10 years ago, I have dreamt of turning the dreary attic into my own sewing nest—a place where I can stitch the day (and night!) away. One of my friends even volunteered to help with the renovations! Isn't it funny how a good friend can change the way you look at the world and make something that seems so overwhelming conquerable? Unfortunately, that dream of an attic sewing room had to take a back burner to more critical improvements like stabilizing the roof and updating the electrical system. As a result, we've had to stick with simpler projects to keep living in an old house fun. But after seeing Sally's spacious yet inviting attic sewing room during Eagle Creek Quilt Shop's Quilted House tour, that faded dream of creating my own sewing nest has been renewed. The following photos will show you why! Sally's enchanting enclave is just off this cozy 2nd-story sitting room.

Sally is an avid rug hooker. I forgot to ask if she made this beauty that is displayed on the door to the sitting room.

Shop owners Becky and Lori had the sitting room all dressed up in quilts like this one decked out in delightful dwellings.

After climbing the stairs to the attic, I was greeted by this wondrous sewing retreat. It was like something out of my dreams with all the nooks, ample storage, and even a decorative tin ceiling that I didn't get a good shot of. There's just something magical about an attic and what it can become.

Sally and Tom maximized the space under the rafters by installing built-in cupboards with a beautiful milk paint finish.

On the other side of the room is an inviting reading nook lined in more built-in storage. Can't you just envision cuddling up under a quilt here?

A spacious worktable that separates the two areas showcased a quilted treasure for the tour. I think it might be one of Patricia Cox's designs.

Sally's sewing room features all sorts of creative storage ideas like this vintage chicken nester that now corrals quilting and rug hooking supplies. She originally wanted to use it in the bathroom for towel storage but it was too large for that space.

That's all for now. Come back tomorrow for the final installment of my Quilted House Tour blog posts when I'll share a few of Sally's creative decorating ideas as well as some more quilted treasures from the tour. If you missed the first installment from yesterday, be sure to go back a post and take a look.