Monday, September 2, 2013


This past month has been been filled with fun thrifting excursions, which I typically make on Saturday mornings. Last Saturday, I rescued this vintage 1917 Arts-and-Crafts-style White treadle sewing machine from a garage sale in Des Moines. The homeowners were having trouble selling it, so we ended up taking it home with us for free. I don't need another treadle sewing machine but I didn't want to see it go to the dump!

It has certainly been well used and loved, but to me, that only makes it more beautiful!

I also happened upon an estate sale with several antique toy sewing machines and was delighted to come away with this little green gem for $35, pictured below among my other finds from the sale.

As I've mentioned before on my blog, I collect antique sewing trade cards. In the back room, I found several plastic sleeves filled with them. The ones pictured below are a small sampling of them.

The homeowner must have been a lover of all things sewing as she also had a sizable collection of sewing accessories, including these sewing scissors. These were made in Germany.

And what a thrill it was to find this sweet antique squirrel pincushion. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was old or new even though it was labeled as an antique from the Victorian period. I couldn't find any "Made in China" tag on it, so I'm fairly sure it wasn't mass produced. It doesn't really matter to me whether it's old or new because it just spoke to me, and it was quite reasonably priced at $7.

I also found these new miniature wooden spools in a variety of sizes. I plan to use them for the papier mache dolls that I make. They're the perfect size for them! See the quarter placed among them for a better idea of their teeny scale.

And how I could resist a vintage cookbook in my favorite shade of pink?! It was only $1.

So what DIDN'T come home with me? Lots of fun stuff like these vintage quilts...

And this doll cradle fashioned from a vintage sewing machine case top...

And this sweet collection of miniature crocks that each stood about 2–4 inches tall...

On a totally different note, our small community recently got a new Hy-Vee grocery store and we stopped by on opening day this past Tuesday. I promised my mom I'd post pics so she could see them. So if you're not into grocery stores, you can stop here because the remaining photos are all of Hy-Vee! We were most impressed by their exotic selection of fruit. As you might imagine, it's rather difficult to find exotic fruit here in the Midwest but there was no shortage of it here. For their opening day, the store was providing free samples for customers to try. I've found several recipes for this white dragon fruit on Pinterest, and now I could actually try them!

These kiwano melons looked rather dangerous with their spiky exteriors. The sign next to them said they have a mild flavor similar to cucumbers.

Who knew there were Korean melons?! The sign next to them said that they have mild sweet flavor similar to that of a pear.

My husband likes lychee, so it will be nice to be able to buy fresh. 

These mini pineapples were so cute, but I can't see buying them over a regular size pineapple because I'm too much of a pig when it comes to pineapple. I could practically eat half of one in one sitting were it not for the fact my tongue cannot take that much acidity!

These donut peaches were tempting but I think I'll stick with the Missouri peaches I've been enjoying. I like it that they are practically grown in my backyard.

I wonder if these Cotton Candy grapes really taste like what their name suggests?!

The cauliflower was quite colorful. I've tried the green and purple kind before but didn't care for it as much as the regular white kind. The sign next to them says that the green variety has a pleasant nutty aftertaste and that its texture is softer than white cauliflower. The purple cauliflower is supposed to taste the same as regular white cauliflower but it is very high in antioxidants. Maybe it tastes different to me because it's purple and not white?! Hee hee!

I don't know that I'm adventurous to try many of these exotic offerings but I was pleased to find and take home some white asparagus! Yum!

There's certainly something for everyone at our newest grocery store—even our four-legged friends. This doggie food bar was getting a lot of attention and I had to wait awhile to get a decent photo of it without a bunch of people in it! 

So Mom, I hope you enjoyed the photos of our new Hy-Vee! That's all for now! Back later with more thrifting finds.