Thursday, August 1, 2013


For the past several months I've been editing a fascinating new quilt book dedicated to some unsung heroes of the Civil War. While soldiers fought bravely on the battlefield, nurses were waging their own war behind the scenes against the poor medical care and inadequate resources that their patients received—not to mention their own hostile work environment from doctors who often did not want them there despite their many positive contributions. Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith, the dynamic design duo behind Homestead Hearth, celebrate the legacy of these devoted caregivers with a classic collection of eight quilts and one patriotic pillow. Pieced together from historical records and diaries, profiles of nine nurses, including Clara Barton, reveal a glimpse of these extraordinary women and the many challenges they experienced. Watch for this book in September! We're putting the finishing touches on it as I write this post!

In other publishing news, my article on San Francisco's Period George shop—a treasure trove of fine tableware that celebrates the pleasures of dining—is out in the current issue of Victoria magazine, the special antiques issue (July/August)!

The magazine won't be on newsstands much longer, so be sure to check it out if you want. The shop owner has a keen eye for unique items and I enjoyed discovering how he melds pieces of the past and present into a delightful whole. 


  1. I read that article in Victoria - it was amazing. I would love to visit that shop someday! Congratulations on a great job!

  2. Thanks for the preview of the book. It will be the perfect Xmas gift for my mom (a soon to be retired nurse), who loves history & stories about nurses.

  3. You are a busy girl! It's got to be fun (and lots of work) to be able to work on so many different books and magazines!

  4. Congrats on these accomplishments!

  5. Wonderful! This book looks perfect for me.


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