Saturday, July 6, 2013


Look who moved in next door! Yes, a small flock of chickens have made their home there, thanks to our neighbors. I was so excited to see these girls (there are more but the others were too camera shy) as I've pondered getting some myself for a couple years now. Because we live in town, there is a limit to how many we can have. These feathered friends are all rather fancy with features such as spots and feathered feet. The neighbor told me that one of them lays eggs with light green-colored shells. I can hardly wait to see those.

The chickens live in a charming home that the neighbors purchased pre-made. The lid on the left of the coop opens to access the freshly-laid eggs. Our neighbors estimate they'll get about 30 per week. They also built the chickens a nice fenced-in area just outside their coop that they can roam around in. While we were gardening early this morning, they wandered outside their coop to check out what were doing. Didn't know they were such curious creatures! It should be a fun summer watching this fanciful flock!


  1. That's a fancy chook house. Do you call them chooks in the US or is it just an Australian term? We haven't had chickens for over a year now since a fox took ours. Still need to finish off the fox proofing of their chicken run.

  2. Sounds like fresh eggs for you too! I really like their house, I'm wondering if we can have chickens here, but I don't think the husband would enjoy cleaning up after them...

  3. Those are some very pampered chickens. I hope they appreciate their lovely home. We kept chickens many years ago, but skunk got into the pen one night, and Oh! the horror. Haven't tried again since then.

  4. What nice new neighbors you have there and what a nice house they have! I've never seen such a fancy chicken coop! Cute!
    Have a great week!

  5. I love that you have chickens near by. I visit an elderly lady (82 yrs. old) and her bed ridden daughter and they have over 50 chickens. Velta still hacks off their heads, plucks and freezes them. When I was out there last month, my friend and I went out to see her new chicks, all of the chickens scattered as we walked out talking. Velta said they don't scatter like that unless there are strangers around, so they know the voice and feel of their keepers. I didn't know that. I love those black and white ones, so festive looking!


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