Thursday, June 6, 2013


In previous posts, I have shared photos of my grandma and her many Project Linus quilts. Well, she's celebrating a birthday this week and I can't wait to see her soon. I'm pleased to report that she shows no signs of slowing down. Not even surgery for carpal tunnel could keep her away from her quilting for very long. Shortly after the surgery, she managed to finish another 60 quilts! Here she is at her trusty sewing machine that she loves to use.

Last I saw her, her Project Linus quilts had taken over a spare bedroom. Several are ready to ship out in the large boxes that you see in the photo.

I was delighted to see that several of the African violet cuttings I'd given her awhile back were flourishing! She has a wonderful window to grow them in. They seem to love it there.

June is also a celebration month for my husband and I with our wedding anniversary. We got married in the beautiful old church that I attended while I was going to college. Whether or not June is a celebration month for you, I hope you are enjoying it!