Friday, May 10, 2013


It is once again that glorious time of year when those wonderful mushrooms known as morels make their appearance. Due to a cold snap last week, they are a little later than normal. Here is a photo of them from one of my past posts.

My husband and his dad decided to hunt for morels yesterday. I was so excited when my husband emailed a photo of their first find of the day from his cell phone...

What a treat it was when he arrived home with several morels. This is just a handful of them but they found more than this—enough for a few meals!

Speaking of meals, I prepared some of them last night. First, I had to soak them in salt water to remove all the little bugs that come along with them. Then I prepared them in my usual fashion and enjoyed a savory late-night meal. You can read more about how I prepare them in this previous post. They are my favorite food in the world.  

After a blissful evening of eating morels, I got a good night's rest and headed out early this morning to do some thrifting in a neighboring town after reading this garage sale advertisement. It seemed promising!

Indeed, the sale had all those items and more. The best stuff was in the garage.

It was well worth my short trip over. I found several treasures, including several vintage candlestick bases to use for pincushion make-dos. Also found one of those metal carts that people like to take to flea markets to carry their finds around. I plan to spray-paint it and sew an interior fabric bag for it like I've seen done in the magazines. Here are some of my other finds from the sale—a big vintage wooden bobbin and six smaller ones for $4, a vintage wooden photo paper cutter for $4 (I collect these—they are smaller than normal paper cutters, only about 9–10" in width), and a little set of vintage Blue Willow demitasse cups and saucers for $5.

The sweet little vintage 6" ruler gives you a good idea of the paper cutter's size. Oh, and the paper cutter works great! I have five of these vintage photo paper cutters and like to use them for my papercrafting. 

I even found this sweet little doll sofa for a song! Here you can see Poe and Teddy checking it out. Sorry, Poe, I don't think you'll fit on it!

When I visit small towns like this, I like to drive by their old homes. On my way back home, I snapped a photo of this Victorian brick beauty with the kind of metal roof cresting I hope to one day install on our 1885 Victorian. Legend has it that this house is haunted.

Well, that's all for today! If you haven't had a chance to stop by my last post to see my latest quilt book editing project for Yellow Creek Quilt Designs, I hope you'll take a look. For fans of traditional quilting and 1800s reproductions fabrics, it promises to be a great addition to your quilt book library!


  1. I've never tried morels but those sautéed ones look yummy! You find the greatest little treasures; I love vicariously and virtually shopping with you LOL. I don't need one more collectable in my house so I'll just enjoy your posts. Love Poe & Teddy checking out the sofa.

  2. I love the Blue Willow dishes. I have never seen a little paper cutter like that, how fun! I LOVE that you drive around the town, ME TOO! It would be fun to just wander around in that house and see all the fun spaces....I wonder if it has a secret passageway? I've always wanted a house with a secret passageway!

  3. I've never heard of morels before but your cooked ones look very yummy. I'd love to go to a sale like the one you did. It must be great fun hunting around and coming across great finds. Have a lovely weekend Kimber. Hugs, Christine

  4. My husband usually finds several morels but this year is slim pickings! I love them but for some reason I get sick after I eat them, so no more for me.
    I would have went to that sale too! Nothing like a good sale. Pretty old house too! Have a great weekend! Gina

  5. miam, miam, miam...... i'like that, it's so good....

    Rose from France. !

  6. I really enjoyed this post! Esp. love the blue willow, and the photos of the house. i love old houses! You bought some great things. Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

  7. Love the doll sofa and was glad to learn about the smaller size paper cutters. Will keep my eye out for one of those. Yum for the mushrooms!


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