Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Thank you to my kind blogging friends who left comments on my previous post about Sunday's scary weather at Ashton House (including a too-close-for-comfort tornado). It's so nice of you to take the time to write. I really do appreciate your kindness. Now on to today's news...

As most of you know, I'm a huge wool fan. So when Tara Darr told me what the topic of her next book would be, I couldn't have been more thrilled (I'm her book editor, by the way)! Her new book, which will be released in July (we're still putting the final touches on it), is all about wool appliqué and cotton patchwork quilts—a charming combo, indeed. The cover quilt, called Star Play, is a delightful example. I love the way Tara accented the wool star blocks with a colorful piano-key border of cotton prints. We chose this particular quilt for the cover because it really pops with its rainbow of hues. We hope our customers will agree!

In the book, Tara shows you how to spice up your quilts with a cozy mix of wool hexagons, stars, blooms, and much more. The designs are a great way to put your scrap basket of cotton and wool fabrics to use! Whether you love the classic charm of the Rose of Sharon block, the delightful whimsy of Dresden Plates, or the twinkling splendor of Texas Stars, you'll find the perfect project in this medley of 11 small scrappy projects. Yes, all of the quilts are delightfully small! The book not only contains projects but a handy wool appliqué primer covering all the basics you'll need to create beautiful wool-on-cotton quilts. I regularly receive emails from blog readers with questions about working with wool. This section should be a terrific resource for those of you who are interested in working with this wondrous fiber. Be sure to watch for this fun new book coming soon to a quilt shop near you! I can't share more photos than this at this point, but soon enough you'll be able to see all of them if you get the book!

After posting about the darker side of Mother Nature earlier this week, I wanted to end this post with a photo of her brighter side. My parents-in-law sent me this photo of a rainbow that emerged after the storm just outside their townhouse. Their house backs to a nice little pond. They recently donated the money to add the fountain spray pictured in the center of the pond. And here's the sweet sidenote to this story: The fountain was donated in memory of their dads, and they like to think that the rainbow was their dads' way to telling them they liked the fountain!


  1. Cotton and wool is all the rage! I am particularly fond of the hexagons, love the idea of small projects and cannot wait to see what she does with the dresden plates! Wishing you many more rainbows.

  2. I just saw some cotton & wool quilts at a show (shared them on my blog) that really inspired me - can't wait to see Tara's new book!

  3. This book sounds wonderful. I love working with wool & always welcome new inspirations, tips & techniques. I will be watching for it!
    Oh, the rainbow is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    mgw070 at shaw dot ca

  4. Ooooh, the quilt book looks delightful! It has been forever since I picked up a needle to hand-quilt...thank you for the inspiration (and that little extra nudge.)
    Such a lovely story of the shall bring forth lovely rainbows and cherished memories surely.

  5. Kimber, I can't wait for this book to hit the stands-sounds so exciting. Thanks for sharing. I love the fountain and rainbow story.


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