Thursday, April 25, 2013


Once in awhile, we all need time to daydream about the creative possibilities within our imaginations. If you're like me, when inspiration strikes, you have a handy journal to jot them down in. I thought this one had an apt title! Within it are ideas and doodles—many of which never come to fruition but nonetheless help me tap into whatever meager creativity resides within my imagination!

Isn't it funny how the most mundane of objects can help us tap into our creativity? I was making more of my pincushion tuffets today and as I looked at the simple vignette of tuffet and thread, I thought what a lovely combination of colors it would make for a doll bonnet for one of the papier mache dolls I make (You can see examples of them in my blog's right sidebar).

This prompted me to to look in my sewing box of doll millinery where I found some lovely silk velvet and equally enchanting vintage trims that echoed the color palette of the thread and tuffet. So I guess a doll bonnet will be next on my list of to-dos. If you happen to like the little mother-of-pearl sheep with the thread wrapped around her in the previous photo, I have a few left. They are $6 each plus $2 shipping.


  1. Love that cute sheep! Your bonnet idea sounds fab!

  2. I love your journal, you always find the cutest and most appropriate things for yourself. I also enjoy reading your blog updates. So inspiring with many ideas I want to try. Hugs, Mary

  3. I love your cute journal and always enjoy reading your blog. You always have great ideas. Hugs, Mary


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