Sunday, April 28, 2013


Lately, Fridays have been my designated fun day of the week—a chance to relax and unwind after a busy work week. After all, I don't want my life to be all work, work, work! So when I was invited to the annual Junk Jubilee with a few friends, I eagerly accepted. Mary, Colleen, and Carolyn met at my house and we headed over to the JJ bright and early Friday morning. As usual, there were many fun booths to explore, including this one which featured framed antique quilt remnants.

We all have a passion for things with patina. While the painted finishes on these items were new, they evoked a sense of weathered charm. I loved their muted putty and French blue tones.

My favorite find was cards of vintage lace trim, which I plan to use for my papier mache doll dressings. They were only $2 a card, so how could I pass that up? 

After the Junk Jubilee, I headed over to do lunch with my good friend, Merry. I was anxious to hear how her Tai Chi classes were going. She recently received certified training to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis classes and is teaching them at the Christian Life Center at Ankeny First United Methodist Church in Ankeny! Correct me if I'm wrong, Merry, but I think that you can participate in the center's wellness programs for just $10 a month! How can you beat that?! Merry said the program is not only great for those living with arthritis but for those who have not tried Tai Chi before and want to familiarize themselves with it. The health benefits of Tai Chi include improved flexibility, coordination, and strength. For more information on Merry's Tai Chi for Arthritis class or to sign up for it, visit this page

And last but not least—here is a cute cat pic of the day. It's my kitties Poe and Teddy basking in the sunlight. I was going to move my Featherweight cord and extension cord out of the way but figured I would spook Teddy (on the left) in doing so, so I figured I should just take the shot!