Sunday, April 7, 2013


After a busy work week, I was ready to escape the office for a short outing on Friday. I spent most of the afternoon at my friend Mary's lovely shop called Mary Rose, where I was greeted by lots of new pretties like these hand-felted flower pins. If you're on the search for unique, beautifully-made gifts, look no further than her shop of delights.

These colorful small bags made in Mexico would make a wonderful gift for a friend—or yourself!

Aren't these hand-felted creatures adorable? Love that little beaver gnawing on the log!

My handmade wool owl portraits will also be available for sale there. I finished making another two of these yesterday (just like this one!)—so some of you fellow owl lovers may just be getting one of these in the near future! I gave my very first one—a pink and red owl named Valentina—to my friend Merry. It remains the one closest to my heart since she was inspired by a barn owl that I saw at the local Owl Prowl. This owl fellow looks dapper in teal and watermelon pink wool. To spiff up his portrait, I used some of my vintage turquoise buttons. 

I like to package my owl gifts in fun and fitting owl wrapping paper like this. Add a final flourish with a glittery glass woodland owl ornament and some vintage seam binding! Voila! You have a fun package that will hopefully brighten someone's day before they even open it. 

Mary sells lots of beautiful pottery, including this lovely hand-painted birdhouse.

For you fellow quilters—aren't these quilt labels fun? What a great way to label containers in your sewing room! There was also a coordinating little notepad to take along with you while on the go.

This is what the labels look like...

These little woodland labels were too cute to resist, so I had to buy a couple.

After I finished perusing the shop, we decided to catch up over some chai and delicious homemade lemon cake at the local coffee shop. Yum!

I loved the shop's pink, black, and aqua color palette! So fun and cheerful! The aqua metal chairs really popped against the black tables.

In previous posts, I've mentioned my love of vintage dressforms, so naturally this one caught my eye. They had painted it a wonderful shade of pink! Got me thinking that perhaps I should paint mine a pretty pink, too!

It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Time flies by when chatting with Mary as we have much in common. We both live in old homes and like to exchange stories of our many projects-in-progress. The project list is never-ending when you live in a 19th-century home like we do! She is one of the few people who doesn't think I'm crazy for wanting to remodel our cob-webbed attic into a cozy, little sewing haven. I could just see stitching the day or night away up there. Thank you for the support, Mary! We all need friends like you who can see past the problems to the possibilities! One last photo to brighten your day—This is a pink heart collage in the coffee shop window.

If you're looking for a fun gift or just want to be inspired by beautiful things, be sure to visit my sweet friend Mary's shop, Mary Rose, in Perry. There's no other shop like it!