Friday, March 29, 2013


This time of year, we celebrate spring's arrival at Ashton House with displays of spring-fresh whimsies. These handmade chalkware bunnies frolic in front of a vintage English dessert plate in my favorite shade of pink.

Sheep figurines also have a springy feel to me, although I keep them out year-round. I think my love of wool sparked a fondness for these figurines, and I've been collecting them for the past 10 years. These guys are some of the wooliest sheep I've seen.

This wonderful prim pair was handcrafted.

In addition to all the springy creatures, vintage spring-themed quilts also make an appearance this time of year. I have about 30 vintage quilts from the 1930s. This vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt hangs on the bannister of my staircase.

So does this vintage tulip one in my favorite color palette of pink and green.

Hand-embroidered quilts are also a favorite of mine, and this little vintage crib-sized chicken quilt is draped over one of the pink and cream chairs in my dining room.

Everything's coming up violets around here—another reminder that spring is here! Here are some of the flowering lovelies that are gracing my windowsills...

I love the white edging on this pink variety. It's a real showstopper in my indoor garden.

Violets with contrasting speckles like this are known as "fantasy".

I can hardly wait until this beauty unfurls its splendor.

Hope these photos will put a spring in your step today! Here's something that put one in mine. My dear hubby surprised me with this pair of cute owl pendant watches. The one on the right is like a little pocket watch. It opens to reveal the watch part. They are really tiny--only about 1 1/2" tall. I can't believe all the cute owl stuff out there!

From Ashton House to yours, we wish you all a blessed Easter! We will be spending the day with family enjoying a ham dinner.

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  1. Beautiful African violets - I have a lot of them too and never tire of the pretty flowers. Love those quilts ! Enjoy your spring :)

  2. Love your 30's quilts and the lambies! Those owl watches are adorable. Your husband is a keeper!Happy Easter to you too. Ham is on the menu at my house too.

  3. Your "Spring creatures" are all so adorable! And nice Springy quilts. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Easter! Gina

  4. Your quilt collection is lovely! I have a few of my great-grandmother's quilts, which I cherish. I must say that the women of my family made quilts for warmth and not beauty, but they are still beautiful to me! Thanks for sharing your treasure.

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the chicken quilt, that is most cute, Where oh where did you find it? Would love to have a pattern!!!!


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