Friday, February 22, 2013


In an earlier post, I mentioned my new owl design—a Valentine version inspired by my recent visit to a local Owl Prowl where I got to see a live Barred owl. One of my dear friends recently lost her furry four-legged companion of many years and I wanted to make something to cheer her up, so I gave Merry this framed portrait of "Valentina" the barn owl when we got together this week. I have a fondness for old frames and pick one up far too frequently for my own good. Well, it's times like these when they actually come in handy! I rummaged through my large box of vintage wooden frames and picked out what I thought would be the perfect one to frame Valentina. I've been making wool portraits for the past year, and last fall, my aunt took some to the local craft fair where she sells many of her crafts. She was able to sell all of them there, so I plan to make more this year. Some of my wool portraits will be published in a magazine. I'm still working on a larger portrait and pincushion of Valentina. In the meantime, I'll be making more of these owl portraits for friends and family.

Speaking of owls, Merry gifted me this adorable large owl box filled with many delightful surprises. I plan to store some of my vintage lace and trims in it.

I'm always on the prowl for fun owl stuff and recently found this fun owl binder and pencil case. What a hoot! I've rarely met an owl office accessory I didn't like!

One more Valentine's Day note to add before I go—My mom and mom-in-law recently celebrated their Valentine's birthdays with us. As an annual birthday tradition, I host a luncheon in their honor. This year, they requested a simple meal of homemade winter vegetable soup and potato croquettes. The night before they came, I mixed up all the ingredients for the soup in my Dutch oven on the stovetop.

The morning of the luncheon, I prepared the potato mixture for the croquettes—one of the few times I break out the food mill. In this case, it was to get a completely lump-free potato mixture.

It rices the potatoes into these tiny tidbits.

I then mixed that up with a medley of other ingredients, including parlsey and scallions. I won't bore you by showing all the stuff I put into it but you get the idea!

Once they're breaded and cooked, you get this...

Both the moms enjoy bunnies, so I gave them these adorable wooden bunny nutcrackers as a reminder of this special day.