Friday, December 14, 2012


How can it be December 14 already? Before the holidays, there is a quilt magazine to proof, three more articles to write, presents to wrap, and much more! As some of you know, I edit Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. We are in the process of proofing the spring issue, which will debut a new design. You won't want to miss this issue. We've got a whopping 17 projects—two additional projects than usual—and some absolutely gorgeous eye candy. I can't wait for you to see it. In between proofing and writing this week, I've been back in my studio painting china. I love the Dresden style of painting with its fanciful flowers and delicate details. They are all hand-painted on porcelain and fired in my kiln. As a creature of habit, I keep painting the same little floral scene over and over again on trinket boxes but no matter. The important thing is that I'm having fun. This little trinket box will be on my TDIPT page on the 15th.

And here's a tidbit of exciting news to share with you. The Stitch Craft Create magazine issue with my Love Bug pincushion will be out on newsstands in less than a week! The editor generously gave me this photo of her to share with my blog readers. This means that it's about time for a giveaway, which will be in a future post. To celebrate Love Bug's debut, I will give away a copy of the magazine to one winner. I was thinking of putting together a kit for the wool for the winner, too. I can't guarantee it will be the very same colors. Let me know what you think about the kit idea. Otherwise, we'll just do a giveaway for the mag, which by the way, is filled with a bunch of other whimsical winter projects, including many Valentine's Day-inspired goodies. What quilter couldn't use a pink and gray ladybug pincushion for Valentine's Day?!