Wednesday, November 7, 2012


In a previous post, I shared some photos of vintage goodies we happened upon during our latest trip up to the Twin Cities. I'm back with some more eye candy to indulge in. Here are some scenes from a shop that was filled with some of my favorite things—antique quilts...

...and delightful vintage pincushions like this little chair. I already have a collection of vintage rocking chair pincushions and don't usually like to spend more than $5 on them since they are so plentiful. This one was tempting but beyond that budget!

Many a time have I picked up old photographs like these for a song. As someone once called them, these "instant relatives" fit right into my Victorian home!

In a corner of the shop, I spotted a shelving unit filled with vintage buttons, including these lovely pink pearls. 

The dealer was obviously a button aficionado as she had a complete set of The National Button Bulletin—a great resource for button lovers. I bought a few copies as they were only a $1 each.

I have a soft spot for vintage doll and children's paper-covered trunks. I probably have too many already, so these did not come home with me.

Two of my weakness are lamps and old frames. I'd never seen a frame like this metal one before. The label said it was a folk art crown of thorns frame. At $1850, it was way out of my budget!

So what did come home with me? Well, this collection of antique Victorian children's periodicals dating from 1897 to 1904 was one find. 

The lady who worked in the shop was very nice and asked me what kinds of things I liked. After I named off a list of about 10 things, she returned with this bag of treasures for just $12. There were 58 issues in the bag, so how could I pass it up?!

I also found a fun vintage Singer sewing book from the 1940s to add to my collection of vintage sewing books. 

I guess it was meant to be because the illustrations were all in my favorite shade of pink!

I also found some other treasures on my trip and will share those in a future post. The antique marble background in the next to last photo is a hint.


  1. Love how happy the lady is on the Sewing Skills book. Never heard of the Better Button Bulletin or whatever it's called :-). Looooovvvvee the old photo of the young girl.

  2. I think I need to replicate that quilt on the left in the first pic! I love it! Thanks for sharing all the fun you had......antique shops are my drug of choice! lol

  3. I have a real sweet tooth, so thanks for sharing your candy with us! Those old quilts are so simple, but sooo appealing.

  4. I would love to see all of your collections! You find such great treasures. Love the quilts!

  5. As a genealogist ... please make sure that IF those old photographs are marked, that you scan them and send the images to websites that help people find pictures of their ancestors. If the photo has the photographer's mark on the front, you could submit the scanned image to the USGenWeb site for that particular location - hopefully a relative searching for a photo will be able to find it. The USGenWeb Project ( has a county site for every county in the country and it is free for all to use. I've been involved with it for over 12 years. You get to keep the photo, but the relative at least gets to see and print out the image. There are some other sites out there that will help with photos - but the USGenWeb Project is reputable and has been around a long time. If for some reason the County Coordinator for that particular county isn't cooperative, feel free to contact me. ( I am the CC for Richland County, Ohio, but formerly worked with a few other counties as well, and am active with the Ohio Genealogical Society.


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