Monday, November 12, 2012


In my previous post, I hinted about a neat find from my recent Twin Cities visit. I meant to post it sooner but have been inundated with work deadlines. We're featuring two additional projects than the usual 15 for the next issue of the primitive quilts magazine, and several magazine article deadlines are just around the corner! But I'm back to share my recent find. While exploring yet another antiques shop, we happened upon this old Victorian dresser with a lovely marble top. It's made of butternut but was painted green probably in the 1920s. No matter, because I happen to love the color. The only problem was that we brought the car that time instead of the truck, so my husband made a deal with me. He said if we could get it for XX amount, he would go back and get it. We decided on a pretty low figure because we had to factor in the gas that it would cost to go back up, so we were certain the owner would not accept it. Happily, she did and unhappily for my husband, he had to drive back up and get it the following weekend!

At the same antiques shop, I found this sweet Victorian photograph of two little girls and their china doll. I don't often find photos that include a doll, so it was a delightful find at just a $1.

Speaking of dolls, check out these china beauties that I saw this past weekend. The one in the back right even has brown eyes, which I'm told is fairly rare.

I loved the sweet expression and black locks of this lovely doll. 

My favorite antique dolls are the peg woodens and chinas, but the French fashion dolls are certainly exquisite.

I spotted this darling antique doll trunk but it was a little bit more than I wanted to spend at $22.

Being a sheep lover, I was delighted to see this antique sheep pull toy, but at more than $2,000, he was well out of my price range!

That makes the reproduction sheep pull toy that my husband gave to me for Christmas a few years ago even sweeter. Here he is with my red sock monkey.

Next time, I'll be sharing pics of an inspiring quilt shop that I visited while I was in the Twin Cities. Hope you can join me!


  1. Great dresser, congratulations on a great deal, I love when things go the right way for someone that really treasures a piece!

  2. The dresser is lovely and after seeing your usual purchases and home photos, I'm sure it will look great at Ashton House. Love the girls with doll photo...$1??? Lucky find!

  3. I can see why you had to have the dresser! It's gorgeous.

  4. Oh, how lovely. Butternut! Did you know that or did the dealer I.D. it? What a wonderful wood. I'm like you, though, love that 30s green. The children in the photo are so darling. What great finds.

  5. Kimber, love all your great finds. I wish I had more room in my house but love to read all your blogs.

  6. Hi Kimber, Pretty dresser, I would have to strip it because I love the original wood look but lucky for you it was painted the color you love!
    I would like to see where you put it in your beautiful home. That antique sheep pull toy is so neat! But yours is just as cute! Gina

  7. Ooh what great fun trawling through antique shops! I love it - even the virtual kind!


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