Friday, November 2, 2012


On our way to the Twin Cities last week, my husband and I stopped by an enchanting antiques shop filled with all the sorts of stuff that I like—Victorian autograph albums, old dolls, English teapots, 1960s vintage kitchenware. As I explored its nooks and crannies, I came upon a huge cabinet of drawers—each filled with sewing treasure. Would you like to take a peek inside?

Being a pincushion fanatic, this label was enough to make my heart skip a beat. There were three such drawers.

Inside I spotted a charming vintage puzzle ball pincushion. Didn't get it but what a delight to see.

Another drawer harbored delicate vintage lace trim galore.

Vintage hankies—one of my favorite collectibles—filled another drawer. 

Another drawer revealed vintage crochet thread. Other drawers (not shown) held vintage pinking shears, buttons, belt buckles, sewing cases, etc.

Nearby, a glass case tempted with vintage tape measures—some made of celluloid and vegetable ivory. There was even a beautiful antique sewing bird for about $300. In another post, I will have to show you mine which I've had for years. 

Despite being tempted by so many vintage sewing goodies, I was very disciplined and only bought a couple items, including this vintage spool stand for $15. It's not an exceptionally old one but I liked its basic form and I figure I can always paint it someday.

Speaking of vintage spools, check out this creative shelf made of them. At nearly $800, it was too pricey for my budget!

Before we left, I spotted a cupboard full of vintage quilts. None came home with me as I had already busted my vintage quilt budget during my earlier trip to the Twin Cities this month when I found a couple 1930s quilts.

Did you enjoy this little visit? If so, stop by later for more eye candy from my Twin Cities trip.


  1. No, no, no...... I would be lost in there for days!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, lucky you!
    Every Stitch

  3. As wonderful as all the contents of those drawers are, what I would REALLY love to have is the whole set of drawers themselves! I'm sure I have enough treasures of my own to fill them all up - sigh - thanks for the great photos.

  4. What a gorgeous lot of goodies. I wouldn't know where to look first. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Enjoyed peeking thanks Kimberley!

  6. I agree with Gayle, I want the drawers! They looked like card catalog drawers from a library. Thanks for the fantasy shopping trip!

  7. Thanks for the antique shop tour! And for the peek inside a few drawers. Interesting spool shelf. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more!

  8. What a fun place to visit! I can see how you would want to investigate each and every drawer! Fun!


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