Monday, November 19, 2012


As my hubby hung the new handmade clock that we found on our recent trip to the Twin Cities on our kitchen wall this weekend, I was reminded of how quickly time flies—particularly in relationship to the rapid approach of Thanksgiving! It's become a family tradition that I host the gathering at my house, and I look forward each year to seeing family and friends. In past years, we have not only invited family but friends, coworkers, etc. who would have otherwise spent the holiday alone. It is a good time to be reminded of all our blessings. And in this year of challenges, it's worth celebrating the fact that we are still standing! This year, my fondest hope is that my grandma will be able to join us. Although she is in pretty good health for her age, I don't take for granted the time we have with her.

I've been working some overtime hours this weekend to complete work assignments so I can devote my time starting tomorrow to preparing for the Thanksgiving gathering. It's time to roll out the welcome mat for our guests. The Victorians seemed to love these motifs with hands, so I thought it was appropriate to hang one on the front door of our old 1885 Victorian home. I can easily change out the greeting to fit the occasion. That is an old-fashioned doorbell below the sign. You turn it instead of push it like modern doorbells.

It's also time to polish those china teapots and teacups! I have been collecting antique English teapots, particularly Sadler ones, since I was a young newlywed.

I like to mix and match pink and green plates and goblets on my dining table, although some years I go simple with brown transferware.

Soon, I'll be retrieving those trusted holiday recipes from the handy cookbook cupboard in the kitchen...

I've been trying recipes from this trusted cookbook for the past 15 years. It's a fitting cookbook for someone who lives in a yellow farmhouse, don't you think?!

It has a wonderful recipe for trifle with Grand Marnier! Yes, Mom, this teetotaler does enjoy a little liqueur now and then! She likes to tease me about the fact that we have a wine rack in our kitchen but never drink anything from it. 

Guess, I'd better get back to work if I intend to be ready to work on Thanksgiving preparations tomorrow. Just wanted to drop in and say hello!


  1. Happy thanksgiving Love that yellow cabinet btw!!!

  2. I love everything in your house especially the yellow cupboard. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs Mary A.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You have so many beautiful collections - love your teapots.


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