Thursday, November 15, 2012


A week ago, my friend Merry and I enjoyed a girl's day out. We headed out bright and early on an antiquing road trip. There's something about the prospect of discovering old treasures that puts a spring in my step. Every trip to an antiques shop is an adventure of sorts. One of the shops we visited resembled an old colonial home with inviting vignettes such as this antique Log Cabin quilt and a huge wooden spinning wheel.

More quilts could be found in this cozy corner near a weathered blanket chest. The rooms were so inviting that Merry and I joked we could move right in and be quite comfortable there! There was even a warm fire in a pot-bellied stove to keep us warm.

In another shop, I spotted this charming vintage toy sewing machine. Its floral decals, though faded, were still visible. I love the patina of time. It makes an antique so much more interesting! I don't like it when things look too new!

Couldn't resist getting a few of these vibrant vintage red and blue bobbins for $1 each.

I love trying new soaps and the prettier, the better. Isn't this shop display of soaps lovely? I was very tempted to buy some, but I was gifted an even nicer bar of soap that morning. Merry gave me a lovely bar of soap that she recently made in her soapmaking class. It smelled divine and I loved how it perfumed my car. What a great natural air freshener.

I spotted this fanciful child's cupboard in one of the shops. To give you an idea of its size, it is about 3 feet tall. It's actually standing on a tabletop. It even has a little cutting board that pulls out. And yes, I'm ashamed to say it did come home with me.

For several years, I have collected old and new putz houses. I even used to make them but just don't have the time anymore. These vintage Japanese ones were quite colorful. 

The colors and floral decals on this delicate dressing table reminded me of a vintage sewing box I recently found (featured in an earlier post here). The night before we went on our trip, I had watched the Robert Redford-version of The Great Gatsby on AMC and the table reminded me of something that the Daisy Buchanan character might have had in her dressing room! It's funny how certain things can spark a memory. The Great Gatsby just happens to be one of my favorite books. 

As we approached another shop, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a friendly black cat named Zoe. What a sweetheart. When I say that we spent nearly as much time petting her as we did looking at the antiques in this particular shop, I'm only being half facetious!

Harriet, the other resident shop kitty, was not quite as friendly as Zoe, but she did hang out long enough to say hello. She looks a little irritated in this photo but it was the only photo I was able to snap of her as she couldn't seem to sit still for very long.

How fitting for two cat lovers like us to happen upon these signs with a sentiment that all cat lovers would agree with! Isn't it so true?!

By the end of the day, Merry and I had explored eight shops. Before we knew it, it was time to head for home. We had both found some wonderful treasures and were already looking forward to what future antiquing adventures await us. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the child's hutch! I'm so glad you rescued it from lanquishing in that shop, unwanted and unloved. It deserved a good home and if it can't be mine, I'm happy it's at Ashton House!

  2. What a fun time you two had! It reminds me of something my friend Mary and I would do.

  3. So glad the hutch went home with you! It is darling. Nice antique shopping excursion.

  4. wow, your shopping was great. Love the childs hutch. that is amazing. Thanks for sharing your images! Lizzie

  5. What a lovely place to have a rummage - lucky you. The quilts are divine aren't they?
    Every Stitch

  6. what a wonderful trip. I love the child's cupboard, great details.

  7. Eight shops!! omg what town or area were you in? The shops just look wonderful, esp. the one with the stove fired wait, the cute kitties were better lol. Very glad that you got that doll hutch, it is a honey.

  8. I saw your comment about my linen collection on Melody's blog (or was it Christine's? Can't recall, but we are all Aussies anyway!). Had to come over to visit - love your blog! And love that sign about all you need is love and a cat - lol! Poe and Teddy are gorgeous. I have two cats, one of them (Topsy) is black and the other a grey tabby.

  9. Oh! I wish I could have been with you ladies! I love going antiqueing and the shop you shared with us looks so wonderful. The quilts do look nice in their settings and that sewing machine is so cute. The child's cabinet is darling! Thanks for sharing! Gina


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