Sunday, October 7, 2012


My husband and I just returned from a quick antiquing trip to the Minneapolis area and are a little tired after our drive back, so I must keep this post brief. Last Wednesday, I went to the AQS quilt show with my friend Belinda. It turns out that it was the only day I could go since my husband and I had to head up to Minneapolis the following morning and wouldn't return until after the show. After we finished visiting the show, we headed over to the local antique mall to check out the vintage quilt booths. As you can see, there was a lot of eye candy to enjoy.

Belinda was on the lookout for vintage wooden bobbins, and the antique mall turned up several wonderful finds for her. I found this vintage green wooden sewing stand, which is about 32 inches tall.

The little door opens up to reveal a tiny drawer and a handy compartment for stashing your sewing projects.

I haven't really seen any other vintage sewing stands like it. Have you? If so, I'd love to hear more about it. A quick internet search turned up nothing. The dealer advertised it as a vintage sewing stand, so that's all I know about it. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me by clicking the button on the right side of my blog. I'll be back soon to share some pics of the AQS show and my recent antiquing adventure.


  1. Oh! Love the shot of the booth. The stand is so wonderful; never have seen anything like it.

  2. I've never seen a sewing cabinet quite like this before. Love the shabby chic pink and green combo. Nice find.

  3. With the color of your little cabinet, it looks like it was specifically made just for you!

  4. I love this stand. That 40's mint green with the decal is so wonderful!!

  5. What a great piece for your collection. You always find the coolest things.


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