Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As I was rushing out the door to my physical therapy session this morning, I just had to snap a photo of my two darling kitties on the window seats in my kitchen. That's Poe on the left and Teddy on the right. They look so cute peering out the window. Their little pink mouths meowed a plaintive goodbye as I scurried off to my appointment.

Last week was another good one here at Ashton House. The hubby got lots of home projects completed before the long Iowa winter arrives. He installed a home security system and replaced both doors on the garage with more secure ones with deadbolts. While he did that, I hand-watered all the plants in my garden for two hours. It's been such a dry year here that I really have to hydrate the plants before going into winter or they might not come back. On Thursday, I enjoyed a rare day out of the office papercrafting with my friend Michelle. It was the perfect excuse to get out all my paper punches...

...and my handy wooden tote filled with rubber stamps, cardstock, and other supplies. I had such a fun time catching up with her. I think we did more chatting than crafting!

On Friday, I went to an African violet show, where I saw a cornucopia of flowering delights.

I was most amazed by the streptocarpus (called "streps" for short). Doesn't that sound like a disease? As you can see, they're much prettier than they sound! I've found that these are just as easy to grow as violets. The only drawback is that they are much larger, so they take up quite a bit more space.

I found a few new pretties to bring home and add to my collection of African violets. The little pink tiered stand (pictured below) was an antiques-fair find for just $10. It was the perfect size for setting atop a side table in my pink-and-green dining room. The top violet is a trailer called 'Ellie Gardner'. The other violets are semiminiatures, which are perfectly sized for teacups. One of my earlier posts featured a magazine article I'd written about displaying violets in teacups and other china.

Now, I suppose I should get back to work. I plan to go to the big AQS quilt show here in Des Moines tomorrow and I want to be able to enjoy it guilt-free!


  1. What a cute sight, both kitties relaxing! Glad you had a great day of chatting and crafting. The flowers are so pretty - I gave up growing anything in my house, but I sure love looking at yours. I'm going to the AQS show on Friday...can't wait!

  2. I love your update and almost forgot about the show as I just returned from a family gathering. I love all your pretty flowers especially the PINK ones. Hugs, Mary

  3. Sweet photo of your kitties peering out the windows. I love the color of your cabinets, by the way. I have a small hutch I want to paint that exact color. Do you happen to know the name of that particular paint color?

  4. Awww...you are so lucky to have kitties in your life, how sweet that that voiced their goodbyes to you :)
    Enjoy the AQS!
    Smiles, DianeM

  5. It's always so nice to get home projects done, isn't it? The African Violets are all so beautiful. Glad you found some to take home with you. Have a great Thursday! Gina

  6. Love the matching cats! Wow that's a lot of punches! Your Streps are much nicer than the one you get in your throat!


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