Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Can there be a better mail day than one that involves fabric and wool?! For this wool lover, I'm not sure that's possible! What a wonderful sight it was to see these beautiful sorbet-colored wools among a couple mellow green and golden ones.

I've been wanting to make some of my Parsley bunny designs in a sorbet color and thought these might be a good option. I've been making Parlsey for the past 6 years and I never tire of it as I have so much fun experimenting with different color combos. As his name suggests, Parsley is typically made up in green, but I like to pair that with whimsical watermelon-colored ears and a small needle-felted tail (shown here). 

Several of the papier mache dolls I make are in need of frocks, and I haven't had the time to properly dress them. Over the weekend, I found the perfect fabrics online—these wonderful 1800s reproduction pieces by Judie Rothermel—and they arrived today! The prices were deeply discounted, which was a nice bonus. I'm sure the ladies will feel pretty in these pink and brown beauties!

Yesterday, the mailman delivered an antique book on Victorian decorating that I ordered a week ago. Published in the 1880s, it's still in great shape. I'm writing an article on the history of Wardian cases for a magazine, and thought this book might have some interesting details that I could incorporate into it. The Victorians certainly had a flair for displaying their houseplants! This particular one (below) incorporates an aquarium into plant stand.


  1. Your wools are beautiful, love the different textures. You have very good taste....

  2. Gorgeous wools! (so far I've resisted the temptation to work with wool, but those pretty colors are making it hard!) The Judy Rothermel fabrics are lovely colors too--you definitely have great materials for inspiration!

  3. A good mail day, indeed! Those wool colors are yummidy. They will make darling bunnies.

  4. How beautiful does all that wool look! The other fabrics are lovely too.

  5. Nothing better than yummy wools and JM fabrics!!


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