Sunday, July 29, 2012


On our way home from church this morning, my husband and I stopped by to check out the new Whole Foods store in West Des Moines—our first one in the area!

It was wonderful to see so much locally-grown produce...

...even some homemade soap from a local maker. I am a sucker for pretty soap, and I think the hand-crafted kind is some of the prettiest.

The olive bar was so colorful...

I couldn't believe all the offerings at the salad bar...

I'm not really a perfume-type of person but these roll-on perfumes smelled so nice that I decided to buy the Indian Coconut. It must have been a popular seller because there were only two left and the store has been open for less than a week. 

Most of the stuff we bought was pretty healthy but I did have to indulge in a mixed berry beignet! Haven't had one of those in many years.

It's great to finally have a Whole Foods in our area. I was told it's smaller than most of their stores since they're testing out the market, but it's certainly a wonderful addition to the area. 


  1. We've got a new Whole Foods store being built close to our neighborhood. There is one south of town, but this one will be so convenient. Can't wait for them to open. I think it will give a little bit of competition to the local health food stores which hopefully will help keep prices down.

  2. I am chuckling to myself because while you were checking out the new Whole Foods, DH and I were shopping at our local Whole Foods! We love all the great produce and cheese. We try to resist the baked goods, but are big fans of the "Seed-duction" bread! For special occasions, we also like getting specialty cuts of meat there. Folks around here call the store "Whole Paycheck"!

  3. I have been wishing for a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to move here but we visited a brand new Fred Meyer's yesterday. It's a good thing its down the road a bit so my grocery budget won't be out of wack! Have a great week!

  4. I love our Whole Foods, especially the Deli counter. The handmade soaps are one of my favorite indulgences. Enjoy.


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