Friday, June 1, 2012


Last week, my 1800s quilt study group was treated to a special show of antique quilts by our guest of honor, quilt historian Bettina Havig. Bettina was a real trooper and came practically straight from Quilt Market in KC to Des Moines to teach a couple workshops for our quilt guild. She was graciously made a side stop at the home of one of our study group members for an amazing trunk show of some of her antique quilted treasures, including this lovely signature quilt. Unfortunately, I did not get a good shot of Bettina because I was sitting right beside her!

Bettina also invited group members to bring their own quilts to share, so I brought one of mine that hadn't yet been dated by anyone. Bettina was able to date my quilt to the late 19th century and said it included many Cocheco chocolate browns. I was so delighted to learn the approximate date it was made. It was such a treat to hear Bettina speak and learn from her extensive knowledge of quilt history. You can learn more about Bettina here. A special thanks to our study group leader, Virginia Berger, for coordinating this special visit. Without her, it would not have happened.


  1. That sounds like a really great day. She is one of the last traditional teachers out there, isn't she? Love the quilt you showed!

  2. Any time you get to spend studying quilts with Bettina is time well spent! She's a dear friend of mine. Too bad I couldn't be with you all!

  3. Lucky you! I would love to see your quilt, too!


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