Sunday, June 3, 2012


This spring, we've have an unusually large number of feline visitors in the garden. As my husband and I were eating dinner in the kitchen this evening, I remarked that we hadn't seen the black kitty who frequents the flowerbeds for a couple days. A minute later, as I casually peered out the window into the arbor garden, there he was, taking a drink from the fountain! It felt odd to see him there right after I'd happened to mention him!

I tried to get a better photo of him by patiently waiting for him to turn completely around but he'd have none of that! He looks very similar to my cat Poe (named after Edgar Allen Poe)—so much so that for a moment, I thought perhaps Poe had escaped. Poe once escaped while I was away for a day. When I returned, I found him hiding out in a bed of our ferns, practically hugging the ground in fear. He'd found the great outdoors wasn't quite so exciting and must have taken refuge there. He hasn't tried to escape since.


  1. I can't believe it, but I too have a solid black cat that visits my backyard and I've caught him many times perched on the edge of my birdbath having a little drink!!!!! talk about coincidence...

  2. What a cute garden visitor. I've always been partial to long haired black cats. I love the name Poe for your cat, what a clever idea. Have a great week!

  3. What a pretty kitty. I have to laugh about Poe not enjoying the great outdoors. My Ozzie is the same way - the other day he just fought me to get out on the deck, but as soon as he got out there he had this terrible look of panic on his face, and couldn't get back inside fast enough! Silly cats!

  4. Hi Kimber,
    Cute cat, but what really caught my eye is the little piece of your garden we got to see. Just lovely! Your blog posts are always a fun read.

  5. Kimber...If I didn't know better, I'd say Winston ran away to Iowa!


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