Friday, June 29, 2012

Flowering Delights

Late last night, I caught up on my TV recordings and enjoyed watching some of the Olympic Trials coverage. I think the women gymnasts take center stage tonight. We are rooting for Gabby Douglas, who trains right here in West Des Moines at the same facility that hometown favorite Shawn Johnson did. I also caught Ann Curry's last day on the Today Show. What a tearjerker. To me, she seemed to be one of the few genuinely nice TV personalities out there—more sincere than Matt Lauer, in my opinion. I'm sure everyone will miss her. After that, I caught an episode of the Martha Stewart Show with a segment on none other than my favorite houseplant—the African violet! See them there in the bottom left of the screen?

With this week's sweltering temps (our heat index here in central Iowa has been 110 degrees the past few days), I haven't been spending much time in my outdoor garden. We are watering twice daily to keep the plants, including this beautiful Asiatic lily, happy. It stands 5 feet tall!

During hot weather, my attention usually turns to my indoor plants, which include several African violets. This fantasy violet is a real showstopper. They are called "fantasy" when they are speckled like this.

This lovely blue/purple-flowering violet is quite happy beside an east window.

Hope you are managing to stay cool wherever you are today! UPDATE: It just started raining here late Friday afternoon, cooling things down. I wish the poor folks in Colorado where the wildfires are raging could get some of this rain. Why is it the people who need help the most don't get it?! 


  1. Those lilies are gorgeous! Pretty african violets also! I'm here in Missouri and we need rain too, send some our way please. ;) Gina

  2. I'm sorry to see Ann go, too. Has it ever occurred to Today that Matt is the problem?! He's so pompous and arrogant.

  3. Gorgeous flowers; inside and out. Love that 5ft lilly though, ours are much smaller in comparison. It is just starting to warm up here in Boise and now everything is in bloom.
    I agree, Ann seemed so genuine and caring, sad to watch her say goodbye.
    Stay cool! :)

  4. It sems as though one has to keep a box of kleenix nearby, just to watch the news. Use to grow african violets back in Texas, miss those beauties. Yours are gorgeous.


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