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I just returned home from a hectic four day trip to Quilt Market in Kansas City. I took so many photos that I will have to write multiple posts about my trip! I will try to post something new every other day, but please bear with me if I'm late as it takes a lot of time to upload all the photos and write the copy. It was so fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. The quilting fun continues today as my 1800s quilt study group is hosting quilt historian Bettina Havig for our gathering! But back to Quilt Market. When we arrived, there was already a line to get in but it moved quickly and we were in before we knew it. Quilt shop owners scurried to all the fabric company booths like Riley Blake (pictured here) to place their orders.

I usually start on one side and gradually work my way through the booths over two days. There's so much territory to cover that it's virtually impossible to do it thoroughly in a single day. One of the first booths I came to was Barb and Alma's of Blackbird Designs fame. As usual, their booth was warm and inviting, which also reflects the personality of these kind ladies. I think I have just about every cross stitch pattern and quilt book they ever produced! I was thrilled to see that they have a new fabric line with Moda—Cinnamon & Spice—coming out. 

Next, I happened upon the Bunny Hill Designs booth, where I met its friendly designer Anne Sutton. I'm a regular reader of Anne's beautiful blog, and I must tell you that she is just as sweet in person as she is there. I adore her fabrics and have been enjoying playing with some of her recent lines as I make her quilt, "It's Raining Cats and Dogs". A fellow animal lover with an incredibly kind heart, Anne has given many abandoned animals a loving home—one of the most recent being a beautiful black cat named Marcel. 

Being an owl lover, I couldn't resist taking a photo of her fanciful feathered friends, all dressed in her own Bunny Hill Designs fabric line. Aren't they adorable?!

Another fun stop was the booth of the multi-talented Renée Nanneman of Need'l Love. To say that I love Renée's designs would be an understatement! I first met Renée a few years ago at a Need'l Love prop sale in Kansas City. Her booth was literally blooming with inspiration, filled with gorgeous projects featured in her soon-to-be released book, Garden Gate Threads

Renée has an incredible knack for staging the prettiest vignettes. Nestled under a wispy white canopy, this old iron bed captivated with one of her beautiful quilts. 

I was so glad to see Weeks Dye Works wool at the show. I am a huge fan of their wool and often use it in my projects. They are a dream to work with, and graciously sent me home with some of their gorgeous wool. Here you can see some shades in their amazing palette of colors.

I recognized a familiar face on the Weeks Dye Works booth table—my Oliver the Owl pincushion made up in their glorious wools!

One of the fun things about Quilt Market is catching up with some of the many talented authors I've worked with as a quilt book editor at Kansas City Star Quilts. One of them is the amazing Tara Darr of Sew Unique Creations. Her inspiring booth never fails to disappoint! Lately, Tara has been having fun making quilts that pair cotton fabric with wool appliqué, and the results are stunning. She has a ton of terrific new patterns coming out, including penny rugs—a favorite of mine. 

Right beside Tara's booth was her good friend, Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts. Just look at all the eye candy! I felt like a kid in a candy shop in Pam's booth. She has certainly been busy dreaming up all these captivating quilts and projects. Like Tara, she has a real talent for staging a picture-perfect booth. After giving them both a hug and catching up, I enjoyed soaking up all the inspiration in their booths. 

Pam is the creator of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle, a monthly quilting club that takes participants on a journey back in time with small reproduction quilt projects, such as these from a previous edition of the club. The blue-and-cream schoolhouse quilt featured in the previous photo will be part of PWSC Journey Four. I've participated in all three journeys through my local quilt shop and will be starting Journey Four very soon.

As editor of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine, I was thrilled to meet up with the three creative sisters behind the magazine. Gretchen, Judy, and Jeni launched this magazine to fill a much-needed niche for fellow primitive lovers like myself. These sisters are a hoot and we had so much fun chatting with them.

Several of the gifted designers who've been featured in our magazine pages were also at the show. As usual, Mary Ellen Robison and Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) assembled a stunning booth. As the pattern designer, Paula is the creative force behind the design team, while Mary Ellen turns those ideas into reality by making the quilt samples. Sounds like the perfect blend of teamwork to me! It was a pleasure meeting these gracious ladies.

I loved this gorgeous green quilt made with fabrics from Paula's line, Tavern Collection in green. I don't know about you, but I think we reproduction quilt lovers need more greens in our fabric palette, and this beautiful fabric line certainly fills that need! The quilt itself was designed by Nancy Rink, who happens to be one of authors with the Kansas City Star books. More on Nancy in a future post!

Kathy Cardiff's booth (The Cottage at Cardiff Farms) was bustling with activity as I stopped by. Kathy designs cozy quilts, wool projects, and totes from her three-acre farm near San Diego. She designed the fabulous trio of wool sewing clutches in our summer issue. This has been a terrific year for Kathy with designs in many publications as well as a new book, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms Quilts

Wool extraordinaire Jo Ann Mullaly of Wool Crazy was also at the show. I met Jo Ann at a previous Quilt Market and she is such a generous and kind-hearted gal. I don't know how she managed to do it, but while juggling all her creative endeavors, she recently released a new book, Folk Branches. Be sure to check it out! You won't want to miss it! Jo Ann is also a gifted dollmaker and she sold many of her handmade dolls at Sample Spree on Thursday night. I was fortunate to get one sporting two black cats—the perfect pick for this owner of two black cats (however, they would say they own me!). 

I didn't want to miss Dawn Heese's booth. I've worked with Dawn for five years as her book editor for Kansas City Star Quilts as well as for the magazine, and it's been neat to watch her evolve from a first-time book author to a seasoned pro (we're now working on her fourth title!). She's also entered the exciting realm of fabric design and has a second line with Henry Glass Fabrics in the works. 

What a joy it was meeting Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs. This dedicated designer came all the way from Australia, and she's just as sweet as she sounded in the emails we exchanged while working on her endearing little quilt "Cranberry Cottage" in our summer issue. You can't help but be enchanted by Gail's whimsical stitchery designs as well as her amazing appliqué. She is this month's Aurifil Designer of the Month. Congrats, Gail!

It was a delight meeting the wonderfully creative design duo behind Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.—Joyce Weeks and Norma Whaley. As you can see from their booth, these sweet ladies have designed some pretty spectacular quilts. Their most recent published project for us was the whimsical "Bird Song" journal cover in our summer issue. It's amazing to me that these two accomplish so much. They both have full-time jobs in addition to their bustling pattern business! 

I have long been a fan of Martha Walker's vintage-inspired quilt and needlework patterns, so it was a special treat to get to meet her. It's so refreshing when a designer you've admired is as nice and genuine in person as it you'd imagine them to be, and that's just what Martha was. We also met her husband who shares the same name as mine! They were the sweetest couple and it was so fun to chat with them. For all you Martha fans, I'm thrilled to tell you that she has a new self-published book coming out soon. More on that in a future issue of the magazine! Watch for one of her charming designs in our upcoming fall issue. Martha is also an author for Kansas City Star Quilts. Her most recent book for The Star was Be Merry: Quilts and Projects for Your Holiday Home

I think that's enough photos for one post, don't you?! So I'll continue with more another day. Next up will be some shots of the Kansas City Star quilt booth and exhibit. We had a blast helping out with their special exhibit of quilt projects and meeting up with fellow editors, designers, and authors at the reception at the Press Pavillion in downtown KC.
UPDATE: I'm encountering difficulty posting comments. Please know I appreciate those of you who've taken the time to write and will continue to try posting them. Keep the comments coming so I know whether anyone is interested in seeing some additional photos from my KC trip. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing pictures, you know I have been trying to see any pictures online of the show, maybe next year I can go!

  2. Thank you for showing all this inspiration:-) So many quilts I would love to make.

  3. I don't know how you gals do it! I would be so overloaded!!

  4. Looks like lots of new inspiration! Thank you for taking the time to share the experience with those of us who could not attend.

  5. Wow! What a line up. Roll out the red carpet - these are that ladies that should be in the celebrity highlights. Have to say - just a little envious.

  6. I enjoyed your big post with all the booth photos. Great job. So fun for one who was not there to see all the quilts in your post. Thanks and I will go back and look again.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to post KC pics. It is interesting to see the new products and how market is set up. I can't imagine being a shop owner and having to decide what to buy as I am sure I would want more than I could afford.

  8. I'm more than enjoying your pictures from Market and your detailed descriptions, some new designers for me to go see more of their designs on their websites. Thanks so much for taking time to share.

  9. Kimber thanks for the tour! Looks like you know everyone there!

  10. Hi Kimber!
    Loved hearing and seeing the KC show! Thanks for all the great pictures!

    Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

    P.S. Hope to see you on the All Iowa Shop Hop!

  11. Yes, yes, don't stop giving us photos! I love to see what's coming.

  12. It was so nice to meet you!


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