Thursday, May 24, 2012


Welcome to part 2 of my Kansas City posts–a little later than I wanted to post it. It's been a busy week editing quilt magazine projects and a new quilt book. As a book editor with Kansas City Star Quilts, I especially enjoyed seeing our booth at Quilt Market. Two of my authors had quilts displayed there. This one called "Pumpkin Blossoms" is from Dawn Heese's recent book, A Year of Cozy Comforts.

Also spotlighted was the striking feature quilt from Memories of Christmas Past by Betsey Langford and Carolyn Nixon. It was so fun meeting this dynamic duo at the KC Star reception on Saturday night. They were co-owners of the now defunct Quilted Heart quilt shop in Bolivar, MO, and the idea for this book came from a quilt-of-the week program that Betsey designed for their shop.

Sheri Howard's cover quilt from her most recent book, Pretty Petals, brightened this corner of the booth. Sheri is known for her whimsical style of appliqué. This is funny but just as I stopped by to admire her quilt, I ran into her and her sister! Talk about timing!

I quickly snapped this shot of the booth while I could get a clear shot between crowds.

It was a pleasure to meet first-time KC Star book author, Nancy Rink, while on the hotel shuttle over to the convention center. She had her own booth and the sweetest traveling companion, Mary, who helped her out at the show.

Nancy authored the new book, Away from Home: Quilts Inspired by the Lowell Factory Girls with her husband, Oliver. In this book, these two history lovers intertwined the story of the mill girls and textile factories with some fabulous traditional quilts. All the featured quilts were made with Judie Rothermel fabric by Marcus Brothers.

The Star also showcased several new books at the Schoolhouse presentations—brief seminars designed to give shop owners a preview of new products and fabrics. This charming quilt is from Nancy's new book. Attendees of Nancy's Schoolhouse were treated to a piece of fabric from Judie Rothermel's Mill Girls line.

Quilts from Edie McGinnis' new book, A Bag of Scraps: Quilts and the Garment District, took center stage at another Schoolhouse session. That's our boss, Doug, holding up the quilt.

After the show on Friday, I helped out with The Star's special quilt exhibit at the Press Pavilion in downtown KC. The exhibit was open to the public, and many of The Star's book editors and designers took shifts helping out as hosts. On display where more than 100 quilts from our books, including this Nine-Patch Pinwheel quilt from Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle's History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas. I was their editor on the project and it was fun seeing Carol's beautiful quilt in person again. I also enjoyed catching up with Betsy at the show.

This gorgeous red-and-green quilt from Jenifer Dick's The Circuit Rider's Quilt book, garnered a lot of attention while we were there. Jenifer is also an editor with KC Star books and I enjoyed meeting her at the show.

It was a treat to see Maggie Bonanomi and her editor, Deb Rowden, at market. This primitive work of heart is from Maggie's book, With These Hands.

Several quilts from the popular Blackbird Designs team were also on display. This one is from their Celebration of American Life book.

I also loved their Quilting the Garden book, which included this appliquéd beauty.

Carrie Hall fans will recognize this quilt from Barbara Brackman's Carrie Hall's Sampler book.

Here are two lighthearted quilts from Dawn Heese's book, Cottage Charm: Cozy Quilts and Cross Stitch Projects, which I edited.

If you're still in the mood for more market photos, come back again soon as I'll be sharing more scenes from the booths and Schoolhouse sessions, including a couple Jo Morton quilts. My final KC post will feature some fun shops I stopped by while in the area. For more photos of Quilt Market, see my previous post.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. It was just like being there.

  2. Oh my....thank you for sharing all. You have a dream job my dear. Your pictures are so wonderful....they made me feel like I was there. So many amazing designers, so much talent!

  3. Beautiful quilts, I especially like Maggie's wool quilt and the Blackbird ladies appliqués quilts.

  4. Thanks for showing. I see there is a lot of new books I just have to order LOL

  5. Love them all, but the Nine Patch Pinwheel is a favorite. Bought the book just for that quilt and hope to make it someday.

  6. Wow! My favorite is the Pretty Petals. Pretty is right!

  7. Oh wow! They are all so beautiful. I don't know which one I would call my favorite.

  8. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Since most of us will never be attending this show, I am grateful for the opportunity to "visit" via your pictures.


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